Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two weeks almost done!

Well I have a ton to do today but I figured I would jot down a few thoughts...
We have survived almost two weeks of school. Kelsey and I still like each other. Kenna is still happy. Kyle LOVES football and seems to be doing ok in all honors classes with good teachers. However, Keira is still having a hard time and I wish I could figure out how to help her. She had such a rough year last year and I had hoped that it would get better but she is still not wanting to go to school. It just breaks my heart. She is such a sweet spunky spirit. She shouldn't have that much anxiety about school.
We are headed to Austin this weekend for a soccer tourney so it will be fun in two ways from a totally selfish standpoint...
1. All of the other kids get to be with grandma and grandpa for the weekend. This is much needed time with them and I know all parties involved will be in heaven! Thanks mom and dad!
2. It will be nice to spend time with just Kelsey. When you have more than one kid this doesn't happen very often. So I am grateful for these opportunities...

I also have been thinking about why is it most of us are motivated by things that HAVE to get done instead of by desire? It seems that mentality of checking off my list is how many live their personal, professional and spiritual lives. Why is that? It is the very few who stop and can see and feel beyond. Keeping up with the "Jone's" really doesn't matter if you are drowning in debt or you end up divorced. Pushing your kids in whatever it is to the point that they don't like you anymore causes a void that you can never get back. Yet too much freedom and being their too much BFF causes just as much harm. It is a balancing act that is so hard to find and manage. But as my kids get older and I watch all of these parents around me-I am so grateful for the ones who have gone before and have great kids.
I am grateful for the adults who take the time to get to know my kids and give them their unique perspective on life. I think that is probably the greatest gift my grandmother gave to me. She always told me to keep an open mind because you never know what somebody can teach you. I am realizing that there are lots of great "things" I could have accomplished but most of all I hope my kids grow up to be good, honest, loving people who value a hard day's work.
I want all of their dreams to come true....Professional athlete, olympic athlete, marine biologist, vet, coach, etc. I hope that they will learn with commitment and humility they can become leaders and find great success.
So I have set my own goal to run a half marathon in March and by my 40th bday run a marathon. I don't know that I will ever have the time by then to get all of those miles in each week for the marathon, but I know I can do the half. So I am set to do it and I am excited. I am soo sore right now, but I am excited (yet tired) when the alarm goes off at 4:50am to get up and run. I can knock out 2 miles right now and I look forward to when I can run more regularly. Maybe I will try a few races in between...I was fast back in the day...So
happy fall as LAbor Day weekend approaches. I look forward to a new adventure.