Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My thanks to Chick Fil A

I just wanted to share my experiences lately with how amazing the people at Chick fil A have been to us. Mainly because it really got on my nerves today when I went to Sonic and got the girls cherry slushes and asked them to put in a cherry and they charged me 10 cents for each cherry! Ok so I know that they are now charging for flavors when they did not used to. I know the market is tight and the ecomony is tight and they do their little happy hour every day to get people to come in and hopefully buy food as well. But come on-I have to pay now for a cherry in a cherry slush?
So on to my Chick Fil A story...On Saturday Kelsey had a party in the Woodlands so the little girls and I stayed over there during the party. We found a really cool park to play at, feed the ducks and get really dirty! Kenna had a blast learning to climb the climbing wall and Keira discovered that she loves to slide down the firemen's pole and really big slides! They both loved playing in the sand as well. So I still had 2 more hours to kill after all of that so we found a Chick fil A for dinner. (Their new favorite place to eat) After finishing their entire kid's meals each girl decided that they wanted an ice cream shake since that is what Kelsey got to have over spring break....Well, I knew that they could not eat a whole one and I did not want one...oh what to do, what to do. So I ordered one shake and I took it back to the table and I split it between two cups and gave it to the girls. Well, there were tears that they both did not get whipped cream and a cherry!!!! So I went back up to the counter and asked the guy how much it would be for whipped cream and a cherry. He got a bowl made a huge pile of whipped cream and topped it with a cherry and handed it to Kenna! This made her night! Keira was happy with her ice cream and I was so happy not to have ice cream!!! But this is just one of the many things they have done for my girls over the many trips we have made recently thanks to sports and tournaments! They have given them balloons, we have gotten a whole extra order of nuggets when the order came out wrong, the manager always gives Keira a handful of mints when she asks upon leaving-which makes her day or night!!! And what has been the most impressive of all is that the kids 4 piece nugget meal with fruit is less expensive than the four piece nugget meal at McDonald's, Burger King, or Whataburger! For a mere $3.39 you can get it with fruit and for $2.89 you can get it with fries! So when you add the customer service to that it really makes for a better dining experience. And well the disposable placemats have become my favorite thing when eating out for the little girls there! At the one in the woodlands there were even little things of Cheerios for the babies while they were waiting for the food! So props to Chickfilas and all that they do to go above and beyond in this day and age when everyone else is cutting corners and nickel and diming you. I appreciate and I hope that others do too! Plus they are closed on Sunday so their employees can spend time with their families!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The little Mommy

Kenna is our little Mommy....I don't think even Kelsey loved baby dolls as much as Kenna does!!!

Kelsey's lost bday picture!!!

Happy bday Booty Baby!!!

Is this not the sweetest picture?

You've Just Been EGGED!!!

So I am going to have to go backwards because these was such a fun surprise for the girls! An unnamed person left these little treats on our front lawn this afternoon and this note on the front door! The glee, delight, and joy that was expressed by Keira and Kenna as we pulled up after school was so wonderful that I can't thank this person enough for their heartfelt kindness for picking us. It was a treat that my kids will remember and I am grateful for this little act of service and creativity that really brightened their day! Thanks so much to our special Easter Friends.....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I will get the Spring break post up...I know I am turning into the sparse blog poster, but Iguess it has just been busy. We had fun and I need to catch up. It was a great week off. We have all been healthy-I keep fighting off the sinus infections this spring, not the kids, but other than that things have just been busy with baseball and soccer in the Woodlands. I might want to move there one day....just so I can drive less....but I digress...Pictures to come and details of our adventures.....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Life is what we make if it

My friend Sheri told me about these books that I just had to read last weekend at Kyle's baseball tournament by Jeannette Walls. She said they were written by a woman who was maybe 5 years older than us at the most but her life stoyr was amazing! So on Tuesday she dropped her book by as well as the "novel" she wrote about her grandmother's life. These two books are incredible reminders that it is our attitude and what we do with it that determines what we take out of the challenges we are faced with. She faced alcoholism, homelessness, no indoor plumbing, going hungry and going through the trash for food as a child and teenager-yet became a writer and is now published with a college degree. But most of all she is not bitter about her upbringing, she is not bitter about the life her parents raised her in or their struggles-she chose to see it a positive light. What an amazing reminder to the strength of the human spirit....
And I love her grandmother's phrase half broke horses, but maybe that is because I am a horse person....but these are great books and I highly reccomend them. But on The Glass House I have to put out a warning that since her father was an alcoholic there is some foul language so if that is offensive then just know that it is an amazing story.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yeah- I found that SPARK Again!

So I am a nerd, I know, but I am excited that I found these products again after so many years! I was a distributor many years ago when the company was still new and young. I believed in the nutritional products then, but just got busy with life and stopped using them. When Kelsey and Kyle were swimming last summer I started talking to one of Kyle's friend's dad's who was a distributor and although it has taken me almost a year to finally become one again-I am so excited to have these products back in my life, mainly because I wanted the discount :). Spark has these great b vitamins that just bring a smile to my face that I love and seem to really balance me out. You can check these products out at I even have a website there somewhere) , but if I seem more peppy in the next little while-you will know why....Hopefully it follows with some serious weightloss and athletic prowess returning as well....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Kenna pictures

Here are Kenna's baby pictures in honor of her birthday that just passed as well...
Feb 14, 2007
7' 4'
21 1/2 inches
College Station, Tx

Here is Keira-those first few days...

What a cutie.....
March 11, 2004
College Station, Tx
8' 5'
21 inches long
Hard to believe Kyle and Kelsey were that little....
And can't believe just how jaundiced she really looked-They almost didn't let us bring her I can really see why....

My Miracle Baby....

Well, Keira turns six on Thursday. It is hard to believe that this little spitfire will be that old. I have written before of the endometriosis and the prognosis they gave me in 1994. I have always claimed that Kyle and Kelsey were my mission blessings. After Kelsey was born it became apparent that it would not be so easy anymore. We tried for almost 4 years when the hormones had made me so sick I was ready to give up and come to understand that my family was complete at two. I prayed and fasted one last time for a miracle and told the Lord I would stop telling Him what to do. Ironically, one month later, I found out I was pregnant....It was not the easy pregnancy like the others. I was on bed rest a lot. I ended up with a c-section because she was breech from the very first sonogram and never turned. They could never tell us what she was and we had the hardest time agreeing on a girl's name. But when they finally placed her in my arms I will never forget that feeling of realizing it was all worth it. The older kids spoiled her( they were over 5 and almost 7 by now), grandparents spoiled her, and we spoiled her! She was such a happy baby and probably our healthiest baby. She loved her mommy and was this little pixie. She still is...Of all of the kids she looks the most like me, she has the wildest side, she already has a knack for fashion and shoes, she would rather have make up and clothes than cleats and a ball. She will ask for diet coke and a salad by nature-she is a girly girl through and through....And I love all the "pooterisms" that make up each day and will miss them as she grows up. I know each one of my children is a miracle when it was a question mark on having any of them, but the long wait for her always makes her birthday right before spring break a little bit sentimental for me....