Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pooterisms for the day...

Here are a few cute pictures I had to add-

Keira loves her ice cream and culver's with sprinkles is her favorite!

She has decided that she is the newest member of Allergy and Asthma Associates front desk staff. She tells Andy that where ever Andy goes she goes. She has to pull up a chair next to Trudy and tell everyone that comes to the desk while we are there for shots-Thank you and come again. She told the staff on Friday-"I'm skinnier than all of ya'll. You are all moms and moms are never skinnier than me." She got mad at me that we passed by the office and didn't stop earlier today.

She told Mandy earlier today-"Keira, you are sooo pretty." Keira's response...."I know"; She also told her "You smell good, but I smell better than you."

I will get more pictures added soon, but I have to add a picture of her dog that she loves so much, but knows that must go due to all of our allergies. But she calls him her baby and loves him lots.

Monday, November 24, 2008

For Joette Michele McClellan

I know that everyone is probably sick of hearing about it last month, but a friend who I loved dearly passed away at the age of 52 last week after a 5 year battle with breast cancer. I also had a sweet mission friend who passed away from breast cancer at the young age of 24. So this post if for you Joette....
I went to the graveside service this morning on the other side of town and was greeted by friends from College Station. I listened to the sweet and kind words that were said about this woman who touched my life in such a short time. I doubt she ever knew how much I admired her and her family. She leaves behind two beautiful daughters that I know she is smiling down on. I will always treasure the dance we chaperoned together and talked all night long. She inspired me to be a better friend and woman. It made my day that her daughter, who I was her YW leader, remembered me by name this morning. I was so impressed that she had decided to serve a mission. I know her mom is smiling about that one. I was so inspired by a husband who had just lost the love of his life and he stood before us and testified how much he loved the Savior and that they all knew they would be together forever. He quoted her favorite scripture, " And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord,
choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15 He gave the context and how important it is for us to choose to serve the Lord. He knew it, Joette knew it, and I could see her daughters knew it.
She gave a class on breast cancer awareness and inspired a woman to get a mammogram-it saved this mother's life because she caught it early. She spoke this morning about Joette being her angel. I always respected this woman when I was young-she may never know it-but I still have a dress she handed down to me for Kelsey when Kelsey was only two-I am glad to know that Joette touched her life in a profound way and that we have those memories to share.
I hope that at the end of my life, whenever it may be, that my children will remember me the way these daughters did. I know I need to do more to be a better mom to them and teach them in all ways of the Lord. I need to serve others and love more fully. I need to see the needs of those around me and lift another soul up.
Life is short-let us not be focused on the things that don't matter-he said/she said or body image or keeping up with the Jones or being self righteous. Joette lived her life to share the love she had for the Savior with everyone and made sure that in all that she did His image was reflected in her countanence. I may not have seen her in 4 years, but she will always be on my list of heros and mentors as I walk this gospel path and hope that all that she taught me will be seen in my actions.
PS. I loved seeing Suzanne, and Diana, and Beverly and being reminded that we will always have a home in College Station. Hopefully we will make it back there one day.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am still here

This past weekend has gone by in a blur. I have been really tired and every time I start to cough or get short of breath-I get a little nervous. My chest is sore from coughing so much and I am still ready for bed by about 6pm, but I am so grateful to Dr. Shaw and his staff for what great care they took to make sure I was ok. I can't thank them enough for recognizing what was happening and their kindness through it all. I know they would have rather had a boring Friday, but it was a huge comfort to me to be surrounded by people that I trust instead of strangers at the hospital. I think that kept me the most calm. Plus-they were so good with the shots that I really can't complain-even if I had so many!
I also want to say that Kelsey played an amazing soccer game on Saturday. I couldn't yell for her or anything but watch-she scored an amazing goal and blocked a ton of shots-so I was really proud of her for this season of soccer. I know it has been frustrating to her at times, but I am really proud of her.
Kyle's fall ball season ended last weekend and he played great at shortstop and his hitting has really improved. It may have been a busy season, but they are better athletes because of it.
Most of all, I am so grateful to the Lord for giving the inspiration to change the shot location and give me the time to still be here. I was really scared at one point and I sit here and as I listened to my children at the PRimary program at church this morning I couldn't help but feel so much gratitude that I was here to watch my children and love them each day. It also made me realize I need to step back and focus on the important things with my kids and my family. We won't be here forever-so I better do the right things today in case something happened out of the blue and I was gone the next.
Thanks to all the people in my life who love me-I love you back and am so grateful for the many things big and small that you do for me each day. And thanks Mom for talking to me Friday and the sweet loving words-it calmed me like you did so many years ago when I was little. It was a sweet experience.
Good night and God be with you until we meet again.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Systemic allergic reaction to Grass Extract

Well, I got up early this morning to take the kids to get allergy shots before school this morning and then went back for my allergy testing. I thought it was going to be an easy day and maybe Jeremy and I could catch the matinee of Twilight. Well, that is not what happened. It is confirmed that the children's grass allergy was inherited from me. I am also allergic to a lot of other pollens, but grass is definately the worse. Both my kids can induce an allergy attack when grass pollen is high.
So anyway, I had all the testing done and was talking to Dr. Shaw and everything was fine. We were talking about shots for me and when to time it right so that there wouldn't be 3 people in the family on shots at one time. Then he examined me. I had to breathe deeply and that is when it started.....
A simple cough, "how about you stay for 15 minutes"
to a big cough when I called Jeremy I would be done in a little while.
to a cough I couldn't stop, shortness of breath, and light headedness,
to can't breathe at all.....
So I have had to stop this anaphylaxis today
1 tablet of xyzal (antihistime)
1 dose zyrtec
1 dose of singulair
2 doses of steriods
1 breathing treatment of xopenex and pulimocort
then the fun began.....
1 shot of .3 epi
1 more breathing treatment
10 minutes later...
another epi shot
10 minutes later
another epi shot and 4 ts of benadryll
20 minutes later
another shot of epi
10 minutes later
another shot of epi and benadryl
another breathing treatment
another shot of epi and another breathing treatment and more steriods
By this time it has been a scary ride feeling like I couldn't breathe and was told I was about to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance so in case I "crashed".
I am still not out of the woods yet, but I am taking it easy tonight and hoping to feel better tomorrow.

Sometimes when you are faced with this life and death situation I realized I am blessed and come what may I must love it. I was really scared at one point that I might not see my kids and husband tonight, but I am soooo thankful for the inspiration of the Lord to Dr. Shaw that he changed the shot location and it made a huge difference. I am grateful for the nurses that were so sweet and helpful and for all the shots I got in their "ER" room that they had soft hands that they didn't hurt too bad. I will be glad when the shakiness wears off and I can breathe comfortably again, but I am grateful that Mandy was here to help Jeremy and that I can write this instead of being in a hospital bed tonight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am about to fall over, but I wanted to say that I am so grateful for my friends. Jeremy is in LAs Vegas for work so my plans got changed a bit this week. I ended up taking the big kids with me to College Station yesterday as we left at 7am. I made it to my doctor's appointment and although I was totally stressed by the time I got there-when your doctor greets you with a huge hug and a "Hi! I'm soo excited to see you and glad that you made it through the hurricane!" How could the drive not be worth it. Dr. Jen Blasingame is not only beautiful-she is an amazing doctor! She got me through a miscarriage I thought I could bear, a pregnancy I barely got through, and she has listened to me and helped me through my renewed struggle with endometriosis. I am so grateful that my insurance will keep Jen my doctor so that she can do my laparoscopy in January and hopefully I'll feel better soon!
Then we went to see Dr. Massoud and it was the same thing. He hugged all the kids and talked to each one individually. The kids all passed their well child checks and are doing good. I am grateful for these wonderful people that take such good care of us.
I am also grateful for the friends that took such good care of us too. Thanks so much Cindy for watching the kids so I could see Jen in the morning. Thanks for the lunch and the conversation. It was such a sweet morning to see you.
Thanks to Steph and the kids for letting us drop in on you guys and hang out for a little bit. We weish we could see you more!
I also loved spending time with the Brooks. Thanks for the yummy burgers and fun! We loved being there yesterday!
Thanks to my friends here that watched the house and kept in touch. I appreciate all those that let me complain and still remind me to count my blessings. I love you guys soo much and I am thankful to all that think I am young and hip and cool-it keeps me going and encourages me to get back in shape. Thanks guys!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Why is it that sprinkles makes everything better? It is official-Kenna has discovered the joy of sprinkles. Colored jimmies (why are they called that anyway?), little confetti ones, flowers, you name it ALL of my kids could find the bottles of them and eat the entire bottle! Well, Kenna just asked for some so I let her try them and she looks up at me with smeared sprinkle mouth and says "Tank ewe, mom". How can you not give them the whole bottle when they are cute like that?

I have to add a milestone motherhood moment today. Kyle and Kelsey had orthodontic screening appts today (and we are saved for another 6 months from going completely broke)-but it was during lunch so I offered lunch. We were in Kingwood and on the way out was Jason's deli. I didn't want to drive through somewhere so we at at Jason's Deli. It was soo nice there was no fighting or squirming and they all ate all of their food with nothing left over or wasted! It was soo nice and I thought this is a great memory for me of getting to go out to lunch with my kids. How grateful I am I get to stay home and spend this rare time together. It may be hard on some days, but today I am grateful I have these days to spend with them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here you go Angela, I got it done and in a timely manner too! :)

I am: an only child and an only grandchild but not by their choice; I am a wife, a mother, and an aunt. I am a friend.
I want: to be skinny and able to run a triathlon by the time I am 40!
I have: the neccessities of life, plus many luxuries as well
I dislike: having to use plastic bags at the store if I have forgotten my reusables
I miss: my grandfather
I fear: I am not doing enough to make sure my kids will always want to CTR
I feel: happy and sad at the same time
I hear: Keira singing to herself and Kenna playing with the Barbie letter e-book
I crave: a diet cherry and vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic
I cry: all too often these past 2 1/2 years
I usually: am too busy
I search: for more time
I wonder: what the next 10 years will bring
I regret: not being a L & D nurse or a PA midwife.
I love: Jeremy, Kyle, Kelsey, Keira, and Kenna
I care: about making sure I do what I can to make the world a beautiful safe place for my kids
I worry: about the future world for my kids
I am not: thin
I remember: my awesome mission
I believe: I am doing the best with what I have
I dance: every chance I get-especially if no one is around
I sing: in the car, at home, in the shower, with Kelsey's kareoke machine-everywhere
I don't always: live up to my own standards
I argue: a lot more now than I ever did in my 20's and childhood
I write: a lot more now, but not as much as I used to before I had 2 kids
I win: rarely
I lose: most of the time
I wish: I could get the baby back I lost
I listen: or try to listen to the Spirit so I can help others the way they have helped me
I don't understand: why we don't get the desires of our hearts most of the time
I can usually be found: in my car or at home
I need: nothing, well maybe a Diet Coke!!!!!!!
I forget: to show my gratitude to my friends and my Heavenly Father that mean the most to me
I am happy: when the ones I love are happy
I am grateful: for the kind comments of friends that make my day!

Well, I got that done-Hope I don't bore anyone too much. I had to add one thing though, because a lot of you that read this have made my day great by a kind phrase!
Have a good one!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kelsey's spotlight plus a little more..

Here is Kelsey as Raggedy Ann for Halloween! I thought she looked soo cute! But I am her mom! I found striped tights too so the outfit is just perfect!!

Kelsey grabbing the ball and saving a goal. The chair she and her dad made one evening because she was bored.

And finally the little witch. She looked soo cute in this costume! She had so much fun she even fell asleep in it as we watched Scooby Doo on the driveway!!!

I finally figured it out!!

Keira and Tyler have become good friends since they are in gymnastics together and at church on Sundays. But she had an especially good time at Old MacDonald's farm with him riding horses and feeding animals and playing in the huge sand hill! But she loved riding the train with him. I just hope I survive her teenage years and all the boys she's gonna love!!! :)

Here is the "NaNee"-She also has discovered the kitchen aid makes yummy cookie dough and follows her sisters to sneak some when I am not looking! Ha!Ha!

Here is the tree that fell in our yard. The one right by the fence is the one that is it fell would have landed on the roof and hit Jeremy and Kenna sleeping in our bed, so I'll take the one that was 40 feet in the forest!

These are random goofy shots of the kids and craziness!

Kelsey is the star Goal Keeper! She blocked about 20 shots on goal this Saturday and about the same the week before! She is amazing and I love to watch her play! Plus she sure looks good in orange!

Here they are...

Well I am trying to get some more posted, but I will work on the rest of the kids. I am still a rookie at this-but I did go get some pictures printed-I know-Kelsey don't have a heart attack! I still need to print last years! But I am slowly figuring all of this out. Maybe when I actually get it under control I'll be brave enough to create a blog just for the grandmas!
But actually Halloween was fun even when I had to go help at the carnival. The kids had sooo much fun at the block party and I want to send an extra big Thank you to danny and Angie for hosting it! I also want to thank the Gabriels for the hamburgers last night! And Kelsey for her party on Monday night! The block fed us for half the week! I didn't have to cook so you guys are my heros of the month!!!! Thanks!
Keira finally was brave enough to try riding her bike without training wheels on! Jeremy is about to let go and she did it all by herself! She was so proud! Coach Dom told her she could do it after the hurricane. So she was so proud when she saw him and yelled look at me-oh but I can't stop can you help me! It was sooo cute! So I am slowly growing up-I guess if Keira is riding a bike without training wheeels and in less than a year Kenna will be out of diapers.
When I heard about Sasha our neighbor girl who is exactly Kenna's age has a tumor-i cried. I have watched her grow up and loved how sweet is always is. We have prayed for her every night and morning since we found out last Wednesday and I keep praying that a miracle will happen tomorrow during the testing and it won't be as bad as they fear. I thought Sasha and Kenna would grow up together and be great friends like Keira and Blake-so I pray every night for a miracle for this family.
But I also heard some good news tonight and I cried tears of joy when I heard this good news. I was so overwhelmed that I knelt in prayer to offer a prayer of gratitude and faith for this situation. I don't think I can describe the joy and happiness this person has given me this fall and although this person knows who they are-I just want to say thanks to the Lord for helping me find this friend.
Holidays always make me reflect on what happened a year ago-I was having such a hard time with Kenna and I felt so alone and so isolated that I never would have believed that this year would be so different. She is still her own little person and I still have struggles with her, but I have her. As I tucked her in bed tonight it hit me-I need to kiss her (and the other ones) as much as I can-they are each such a miracle. My grandmother lost 3 full term babies before my mom was born. My mom barely had me at 28 weeks. I was blessed with these 4 amazing kids. I pray that I do my very best to help them so I will never lose them in the eternities.
On another note-Thanks so much to my sweet hubby-When I got home on Saturday he and the kids had the house soo clean I just felt sooo happy! He is the best!
I'd better go-but if you need a good book for the kids or you if you haven't made it above kid lit.-The Percy Jackson series is a 5th grade reading level about a boy who is the son of a greek god and his adventures. It is a lot of fun and I am enjoying having so much to talk about with Kyle as we read it together. I try to read all that the kdis read so they can talk to me about the books. They are soo good that the kids don't want to put them down and haven't really watched TV in a week since Mrs. Drew suggested them to Kyle and Kelsey caught on too. So now even Jeremy is hooked and if I don't finish the 3rd book-he'll soon steal it from me! I'll get more pictures soon!
Just so you know-I survived my big day of cooking! Anybody want some garden minestrone soup! I had leftovers!!!!