Friday, October 24, 2008


Well I am loving these fall mornings-I am not a hot chocolate gal, but I love enjoying the cold house as I get the kids ready for school. The air smells so good-pine trees and crunchy leaves. I don't know if it is because I grew up here-but I do love the way fall smells here. (ok-NOT by the dump, but when you are near the woods) It has been neat also because we have an owl in the woods behind us and he (I assume) has been talking earlier and earlier. It used to be I would hear him at 3am when Kenna woke up but last night as I lay in bed at 10:30pm I could hear him. It was soo cool-wish I could see him somehow. I love owls-they are neat creatures. As I have mentioned before I am the hidden tree hugger-I love nature and being outdoors and wish I could say I had a "dig" under my belt. I put in my application so I can sub on Jeremy's days off-to see if I want to teach little kids when I grow up in 4 years. I always wanted to teach college, but I don't think I'll get there-and the ACT doesn't cost too much -so this is the easy way to try-and get paid.
Keira told Jeremy last night-Hey Dad-"I want to play football when I get bigger because during the day I don't get to stand like that. (the crouched down position on the line). And she told him -"dad, I don't like wild snakes they are mean, but if you catch a wild snake and teach it, it can be nice." Just a few Keiraism...I'll miss those....She's going to be Tinker Bell, of course.
Chuchi-Kenna-has been getting sweeter-she can still be a terror-but we are enjoying her and how cute she sounds talking. She loves to tell Dash to sit and When she sees baseball fields she starts to scream "BAYBall!" She calls the horses that are next to soccer practice in KW big doggies. But it was sooo cute yesterday she ran out after the kids and was trying to say "HI- Miss Shewee" Chuchi Bear still has no hair, but she is really starting to find happiness in life-but we will still take her to see the tummy doctor since her allergy testing came back negative to rule out anything that maybe going on. She's going to be a witch.
Kelsey has been sick with allergies all week-she has that annoying postnasal drip cough and it is driving her and the rest of us nuts-I know she will be glad when she stops coughing-but she is going to be a REALLY cute Raggedy Ann for Halloween.
Kyle is Kyle! He's had a good week-going on his first camp out tonight at Bovay. He's going to be a baseball playing vampire. (Think Twlight)-I think he'll look really cool.
I'm going to dress up too-I can't wait. I am really excited this year to be a kid again.
Jeremy will wear his "Drop Dead" shirt as usual.
We look forward to the weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Nolan Ryan

here is the picture i was trying to load yesterday! Where is my little boy? He is soo big and soo cute! I had to laugh yesterday when we saw a young lady who was trying to get Kyle's attention at Walmart and he just kept talking to me and not her while the other girls said hi to her. I'm getting old!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Won!

I just wanted to add that Kyle's team won two games again this weekend. Here are some of his pitching pictures and I will add some of Kelsey at soccer and Keira at gymnastics! Thanks so much to J. Crain for the pictures! With all the girls I have aq hard time getting anything on film! They didn't make it to the final game, but hopefully after a weekend off we will keep getting better! Also, Kelsey's team is still struggling, but she is getting better and we look forward to next year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Puppy

To clarifiy for those I was my friend Kelsey's puppy that died of Parvo on Sunday, but she was able to find another puppy for her sweet Blakey as Keira calls him but the puppy has to live with grandma for a few weeks until her house is clear of the parvo. My dog is fine-unless someone out there would like a 7 month old beautiful Husky puppy. I love him, but he is driving Jeremy and the older kids crazy and the little girls love him-so I need a smaller dog for the little girls and a home for the husky-she's gorgeous-let me know......

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three Weeks and counting

I just have to post that I have made it three weeks staying at 1500 calories each day and this week alone (by the time I go to bed tonight)
I will have completed running 10.5 miles! I am so excited about this I could jump for joy! I have only lost 5 pounds (which seems like nothing when you have a long way to go) but I am excited that in spite of all the ice packs when I get home at 11pm from running that I am getting it done even if I am still exhausted in the morning. It has been beautiful at night and with all the street lights and our good neighborhood I feel blessed that I can do it then. Last night I didn't want to go but was so glad when I got out there. If anyone on the street sees some strange blob moving at fast speed it is just me finishing up with a few sprints. (at least for old lady speed that I am at right now) I am hoping by May that I will be back to the size I was before I embarked on this journey called motherhood 12 years ago. I was falling off horses and running every day and working and going to school-ahhh those were the days! But my goal is to run a 5K in May and do it in 21 minutes so if anyone wants to join me-let me know. :)
I have to post a public service announcement in honor of a good friend-if you are planning on getting a puppy-go the vet right away and get a parvo test before it is too late. i love dogs and it breaks my heart to hear when someone loses a puppy to this meance of a disease. I may not have found the right dog for our family this time, but I will find my favorite dog later after Dash has grown up and gone on to doggie heaven.....
it looks like i will miss fast and testimony meeting tomorrow so i just want to express my gratitude to the Lord for my answered prayers and for blessing me with the strength to get through the mountains in this life. For all the times I have been knocked on my butt there have been a few that I just want to stay there but He helps me get up and keep going. He has done that for me since I was 4 and lead me in ways that will help me return to Him-they may not have been easy roads and I am not perfect on the road, but he knows my broken parts and loves me anyway. I am grateful we have the scriptures. I have been trying to turn to them more often than I had been. When I was a missionary I couldn't imagine a day without reading and now I am grateful for the days I get it in. (Major admittance to NOT being perfect!!!)
Kelsey played a great game this morning. She is so tough even when these girls that were 6 inches taller than her knocked her down and got a yellow card (the coach too)=she still got up and kicked an amazing corner kick! she also scored the teams first goal of the season but it got called back due to a hand ball by her teammate. I learned today that the Aggie girls are mainly from the Spring Challenge club so we may have to play over there in the future if she wants to keep playing.
Kyle won his first select baseball game today and we get to play 1 game in the morning and if we win we will be in the championship game. That is really exciting for the team since they have been playing together since May and are just now finally starting to get the hang of select ball.
So despite being tired-it has been a good day.
I'm off to run....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

That's What Friends Are For...

I know it is a cheesy song, but after last night I have to say Thank you. I realized with great emotion that I can't remember a time i had so much fun with a group of women. I did as a T2 lady, but I laughed so hard and just had fun so thank you to Angela, Kelsey, Michele and Tay for coming out to dinner with me at the little hole in the wall Mexican food place. I appreciate that Kelsey made sure I didn't let it be forgotten last year, but last night I really had fun. I have loved getting to know you Angela and gymnastics and hope that we can continue talking each Tuesday and stuff. I have really enjoyed getting to know you Michele and look forward to your friendly face each time I go...Tay-thanks for always making me feel welcome. I know that life gets busy and hectic but you alway smile and say hi to me no matter where we are-and I appreciate it a lot! And Kelsey-thanks. I remember the first time I met you in the hall and you asked me what I loved to do and I couldn't answer but you told me photography. I felt so stupid that day, but you have never given up on me-you have seen me at my worst (my migraines and rides home from Urgent Care all drugged up) and my pit of despair and you still love me and my kids. I think you and Angela and Michele and Tay have helped me see all the good things in life I had forgotten about. Thanks guys... Keep smilin', keep shinin'Knowin' you can always count on me, for sureThat's what friends are forFor good times and bad timesI'll be on your side forever moreThat's what friends are for

And Thanks to all the other good friends I have. Each day I check in on my blog and each one of you that leaves me encouraging words brighten each day and I just ove you-how blessed this journey of life has been with rich blessings of friendship I never imagined I would deserve or have. Thanks!

I answered the TAG!

I guess with blogging, it's inevitable someone will eventually tag you and here it is!Answer the questions with one word (or a little more) and then tag three people.1. Where is your cellphone? table2. Your significant other? downtown houston 3. Your hair? in a pony tail 4. Your mother? in court in McAllen, Texas 5. Your Father? the next life 6. Your favorite thing? running on the beach first thing in the mornign or last thing at night 7. Your dream last night? did i dream last night? 8. Your favorite drink? diet cherry vanilla dr pepper from sonic 9. Your dream goal? to be a nurse or phamacists 10. The room you’re in? bedroom 11. Your hobby? blogging, running, singing 12. Your fear? failing as a mother and a wife 13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy with where i am 14. What you’re not? in shape! 15. Muffins? bran muffins from heb 16. One of your wishlist item? a boat or pop up camper 17. Where you grew up? Texas 18. Last thing you did? answered emails 19. What are you wearing? Texas A&M soccer shirt and running pants 20. Favorite gadget? Steam mop! Love it!21. Your pets? unfortunately a dog22. Your computer? dell laptop .Your mood? at this moment ... tired24. Missing someone? my grandfather Your Car? Chevy blue suburban26. Something you’re not wearing? socks Favorite store? Kohl's 28. Like someone? Jeremy Favorite color? Blue 30. When was the last time you laughed? last night when Angela said no butcheek massages for me 31.When was the last time you cried? Monday

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry

Well, it seems that life has a way of changing courses when you finally start to feel settled. This has been a hard weekend and I have been surprised by the information I have learned. I am most grateful for General Conference this weekend. I needed to hear all the words of comfort and support. It has been a long time since it feels like my prayers were answered and I felt as if they were speaking directly to me. I know it is a phrase that is heard often-but those were the words from the scriptures that I needed most right now. I needed to remember to laugh and go forward. I needed to stand ready at the door instead of standing at the door complaining so loudly I couldn't hear Him try to open the door and put His arms around me.
On my birthday Jeremy called me and told me that his Project was cancelled and we could be moving any where in the world or he may stay in another department here in Houston. We don't know right now. I was frustrated with it all b/c I get that news and then I find out that Kelsey's soccer coach resigned and it seemed like it was just another day. But I was uplifted by all the phone calls and messages both on my blog and my facebook page. It made the world seem smaller and that I was needed in someone's life.
I don't know if we will be moving-part of me is really sad to think about it since I have reconnected with an old friend and made some new friends that I really care about. My kids are finally starting to feel settled and Keira was the only one who was ready to pick up and move again. It is also sad if we do move that we only got to enjoy our first new house for less than two years. I guess it doesn't really matter-but even with the things I have struggled with I was beginning to feel like this was home. Even through the Ike experience......
"To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people, and the affection of children... to leave the world a better place... to know that even one life had breathed easier because you had lived. This is to have succeeded."- Ralph Waldo Emerson
This was my favorite quote in high school. I love Ralph and all of his wisdom. I think that part of English lit I got a 100. I try to live by this quote. I don't always succeed. I get lost in my own problems, but I hope when I look back on my life I have found joy in the journey and not stopped on the side of the road and missed some spectacular things while I sat there. I hope that I will laugh more and with greater happiness when my children are around or I am alone. I love Fergie's song because it reminds me that I do have some straightening out to do but it is time to get a move on with my life. I will run the race I have wanted to run for all these years. It may take time to lose all the weight I have put on to protect myself from the pain I didn't want to feel. But I will find my joy in my journey and help others along the way.
I apologize if I have not listened to a prompting these past few years that would have allowed me to alleviate someone's else's pain. I was lost in mine-but I see so clearly now that I need to pick myself up and get moving. I have many blessings and it is time to see the rainbows instead of crying over the thunderstorms. Thank you Lord for hearing my cries after much tribulation after much pleading-healing my heart with only the love that you could give me. Not as the world giveth, but only you. You love me in spite of all of my imperfections. Thank you.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We found our Jacob! Ha Ha!

Well, we have had an awesome friend who was a missionary when we moved here but has been home almost a year come to visit us this week and guess what? Kenna pulled a Nessie on me! She has taken to Ben like Nessie imprinted on Jacob (for those of you who read Twilight you will appreciate this tons!) So I keep telling Ben that she has imprinted on him and if he is not married in 20 years he can have her-he of course cringes but he has been a lifesaver and I am finally getting to have my arms free for a change! It has been so sweet and he has been so good to the other kids to-if I had had a brother-he would have been Ben's age-so I keep telling him I am adopting him as my brother! Hope he'll come back soon! He's joining the air force so hopefully we will still get to see him every now and then!
My birthday was a good one even with the bad news that was received that day. Thanks to Outback and our server Ashley for treating me like a queen that night! Friday we went back to CS for a dr appt and it was so nice to be there. I still miss it, but we are settling in here and trying to fit in-that may be impossible-but....:)
Kyle had a pitching lesson with Trey Moore. He was a hot shot Aggie pitcher and Kyle just adorns him-so that means he will listen to him. I got to tell Trey Happy birthday since he is the first person I have ever met to have the exact same bday (year too) So Kyle and Jeremy had fun at Extra Innings! :)
Kelsey played a great soccer game today! I was very proud of her and she seems to finally realize that she can relax and just play and have fun. I want her to have fun! I loved gymnastics and couldn't get enough-so I am glad to see that she enjoys it a lot!
Keira told a boy who was about 13 how to do a cartwheel since he didn't know how. She had her hand on her hip and said you do it like this you know-because I take gymnastics so I know how to do it. It was sooooo pooterific!
Thanks soooo much for all the birthday wishes-it makes me smile and be happy to see all the many happy birthday wishes that I received! I love you all and count my life very full to have soo many wonderful friends out there!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm almost 36!

Well, aside from running around like mad to get this baby shower pulled off and everything else I am having a birthday tomorrow! I can't believe that I am that old I still feel 22 and although I think I need to be a grown up I am not going to. Maybe it is a mid life crisis-but I am sticking to my diet and am not gonna be a frumpy 40 year old! I hope to be racing again by then! So hope everyone is enjoying this awesome weather and my favorite time of year. I rediscovered the truth that getting out and forgetting about yourself does make a huge difference! For those around here-HAAM helps those that need it not just those who live for welfare and I love serving there-if you have time you should too. Also-remember to check on that person who crossed your mind today-they probably needed something and you could be the one to save them! Have a great day!