Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Really? God must have a sense of humor!

So I was hoping to avoid any sort of true craziness this month. After all it is my birthday month...But no, I think every month this year something major is going to happen each month!
So Sunday night my stomach started to hurt. It got really bad and went into my back. I figured I just needed some rest so I rested on the couch. By midnight I was miserable and finally gave in to the idea of going to the ER. Well, it turns out I have a gall bladder full of gall stones and all of those tummy aches for the past 2-3 years have been just that. One is blocking the duct-so that is why it hurts so bad.
So anyway....I get to have another surgery asap. I never thought this would be us-but-geez! It makes me want to just stay in bed just o miss another crisis! LOL!
But at least I can say we get to see family next month and I look forward to that! Kids are good and I just have to get through this-before Kyle has his surgery-but I really am beginning to believe God has a sense of humor!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time flies and I just hang on for dear life mostly

So I was surprised to find it had been 6 months since I have come over to the blogging world. I am just finding that I post on FB more bc it is easy from my phone and I am rarely at the computer anymore. And well this has been quite the year...I have figured out that every month except May we have either had a surgery or a major ER visit. It has been frustrating and humbling all at the same time. I am a pretty independent person so asking for help has been hard. I have to confess that I am glad to almost be totally mobile again so I won't feel so guilty about not getting things done like I want to.
So just to write it all down...
Dec-Jan-Jeremy in hospital for 13 days
Feb-Jeremy rushed to hospital for an emergency appendix surgery, etc. stayed for 4 days
March-Kyle had surgery for a birth defect known as tarsal coalition
May-I had surgery for a partially torn achilles
June-Jeremy had a bout of diverticulitis and Kelsey was rushed to the ER in Alabama for a concussion and heat stroke so we drove to alabama to make sure she was ok!
July-I ruptured my achilles
August-I had surgery with a cadaver achilles tendon to fix it and begin the process of 7 weeks of no weight bearing in a cast with crutches.
September-Kyle has been to the ER twice with a broken finger and hurt elbow believed to be broken. Thankfully the elbow was not broken! The last week of September he puts me in a walking boot to my knee.
October-Kyle had a midfoot ankle sprain, 3 weeks after that I get to move to a short boot and start 3 times a week at PT, go see the Chiropractor bc I am so off balance now having been in a boot or crutched since May.
November 3-Kyle will have surgery to fix the left ankle that has tarsal coalition and I should be getting my two shoes back for the first time since July!
December-surgery on my right foot to fix the several larger bone spurs in my right ankle!

Not to mention the asthma, allergy flare ups, ear infections and sinus infections the weather has brought!

Now don't get me wrong-I think one of the greatest lessons I have learned have been my gratitude for each day, for good health, for kid's that are so responsible and helpful, for kids that get a long so well. It has brought us closer together as a family. I am grateful for that.
But as I know many of you in the blogging world read this-you have brought me dinner or helped with the kids and I am so thankful. I know life is busy and I appreciate all that you did for me and all that you helped me keep my house in survival mode! It means a lot to me and I don't think I can ever thank you all enough!
I also even have learned to appreciate to just watch and enjoy the kids. I am still competitive and I still expect great things out of my kiddos, but I don't want the time to go by so fast that we don't have great memories together. I love knowing their friends and it made my day when a friend said-you know all about teenager things-that is sooo cool! You are one cool mom! I have to confess-that made my day. Then  another time-I saw a kid write-yeah-I love your mom too! It just makes me said how fast time is going to go-and all of these big kids will be in college!

Kyle is an amazing kid. He is so athletic, strong, confident, smart, handsome, and has such a sweet tender heart. I love the fact that on Sundays when we get to church that he lets Kenna snuggle on him and plays with her all the time. It is neat to see their bond even if he is 10 years older than her!
Kelsey is such a wonderful girl. She helps so much with the girls when I am down and she is growing up soo fast. She is beautiful, funny, and has so many gifts and talents-most days I just stand in awe that God would give me a daughter like her to raise.
Keira is the "I've got it all together " kid. It is that time in 2nd grade where education starts to click. She HATES to miss school! She just loves to learn and doesn't want to  miss a thing! She loves being social and I am positive she will be my most social butterfly-Class president, head cheerleader, best dressed.....not just because she has all of those traits but because she has such a tender heart that she will be kind to all!
Kenna has really blossomed. She still struggles with anxiety and social situations, but she has come so far! She is actually looking forward to kindergarten next year and I never thought I would see that day! I am so grateful for Spark and how amazing those teacher are! I love going-even if it takes up part of the day. I will miss them next year since I have been blessed to spend the past 3 school years in their classroom! I may have to sneak in and go just to go! LOL!!!!
Jeremy is working hard at work and I am so proud of all that he has accomplished this year even with all of his health struggles. He provides for us, spends time with us, helps around the house and even let's us have dogs when he is not a big dog person.
I love him so much and I am so glad that he puts up with me each day.
So off to another busy weekend of baseball, soccer, babysitting, birthday parties, and friends.  I will post pictures soon-that is my goal!
Time does fly by but the journey and it's challenges have helped me see-
"I know You've washed me white, turned my darkness into light
I need Your peace to get me through, to get me through this night
I can't live by what I feel, but by the truth Your word reveals
I'm not holding on to You, but You're holding on to me"
Thankfully the Lord doesn't give up on us-ever....His peace will carry me through whatever that trial may be....