Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh what a week!

Why is it that the day you wash your car-it always rains? It took me forever to get the car washed and it down poured last night! It was crazy! I get to drive over to the woodlands today. I hope traffic is too bad. It's another day in the land of Dr. appointments. We were doing good for awhile there-but today it looks like I get to hit three today. Oh what fun! At least two of the three are really nice. If you live in Houston and ever need an allergist-Dr. Kelvin Shaw is the man! Not only is his office in Kingwood (and Baytown I think) sooooo nice! They even love the grumpy girl! These ladies have taken such good care of my kids that I have to tell anyone who will listen. Dr. Shaw actually listens to me and my kids are doing sooo much better that I wouldn't even guess they were allergic to anything that grows! :) I still haven't figured this all out-but I will try to post some pictures and stuff. We are playing baseball Sat. night-I am so excited that we get the morning free! Hopefully we will win-I just hope Kyle has fun and pitches well. We look forward to playing baseball with the Nitro this summer and fall-hopefully it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
Kelsey had her last GK lesson last night. Holly said she is the best goalkeeper in her age group and she is the youngest by at least a year-the oldest in her group is 13! (She's only 9!) So it was fun lst night she got a free private lesson since the older girls are having try outs this week.
We are going to the farm next week! Hopefully it is not tooo hot. My mom now has a baby buffalo, 2 alpacas, 1 zebra, 15 horses, 12 chickens, 5 dogs, and 2 cats. I think that is all-the kids love it so hopefully minizilla will be happy and not a grouch for 12 days!
I tried a cookie recipe to give as a thank you to a friend who helped me out-they turned out pretty good-it used a brownie mix and added stuff-hopefully she will like them.
Life may be busy-but it is good. I am sooo excited for summer to begin. I love my kids at home and look forward to all the fun we will have in the next three months!
What a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spa Day

I just wanted to start this-I doubt that there is anyone out there that would read this-but I'll try to keep up. This was a great weekend! Kelsey played some amazing soccer! Her first competitive team playing a year up! We are soooo proud of her! Kyle plays his first baseball tourny this weekend! It has been crazy-but I love watching my kids play and have fun. It is a highlight of my life watching them have so much fun.
The sweet girls in Becca's family let me practice my spa partying on them. Hopefully the facials and pampering felt good and they weren't to overwhlemed by the chaos at my house. I love my beauticontrol stuff and have fun sharing it with anyone who will listen! I'm having a party next Tuesday the 3rd so hopefully it will go well and I won't look silly!