Friday, December 31, 2010

Wow, Where does the time go??

So here I sit on December 31, 2010...
I have watched November come and go. Another Thanksgiving come and go. It was fun to have a small Thanksgiving here at home with just us. Although it seemed to be missing something with no one extra to share it with. Although it has been a hard year for us in a lot of ways-we have been blessed in other ways. Thanksgiving is always better sharing your blessings with others....
The kids finished their sports' seasons on top and each started a new training program at a place called Athletic Republic. The head trainer, Travis is a great guy who pushes them hard but believes in them so much. It is really neat. Plus they are all Christian and it is important to them to instill good values and self esteem into the kids that walk thru their doors so I think that is really cool. I have enjoyed the time we spend there almost more than their actual sports some days....
I have learned hard lessons too. People are only out for themselves and their kids in the sports world. So the friends we have that are still our friends years later-I truly cherish. These are the people that have realized that there is more to life than sports and I appreciate them a lot.
I also learned that people I thought were my friends really aren't and that has been a sad lesson as well. But I have learned that this past year in more than just sports. I have learned that is true in a lot of things. True friends are hard to come by. Most are fair weather friends.
It has been a sweet fall for me homeschooling Kelsey and I will miss her when she goes back to school next week. I know she is ready, but it has been so much fun to get to know her and I will miss that each day.
It has also been fun to see Kyle make the B basketball team. He is not a ball player so this was icing on the cake and it is just a lot of fun to go watch him play. He has his little "middle school girlfriend" that he likes to say came from being the A team QB. I am just proud of his all A report cards and good choices and funny personality. All of the teachers adore him and all of his friends parents adore him. I adore his girlfriend and her parents so it is fun seeing the group of kids all hang out with each other and watch them all grow up and "go out" with each other, etc.
Keira has had an AWESOME first grade teacher in Mrs. Black. Thankfully the trend held true and all the kids have had wonderful first grade teachers. Mrs. Black has been so kind and wonderful to Keira and helped her come out of her shell and grow and progress in her learning and I can't thank her enough. I really appreciate her and wish I could do more to help her. but the principal won't let us in. It has been great for Keira and I wish she did not have to leave her class....
Kenna started her second year at SPARK. It has been a wonderful year so far. Lori and Melissa are wonderful and I could not ask for better teachers who love Kenna and have helped her come out of her shell. She is still shy and a hard nut to crack but once she is cracked-man is she a fireball!!! I think she is gonna wear me out!!!
Jeremy has been working hard at work and has completed many projects and been commended by his boss and his boss' boss this year. He was assigned even more projects just recently. He has his gall bladder removed and a hernia repaired in October. Then just two weeks ago found out that he needed a colon resection. So on Monday he had his colon resectioned. So for the first time since December 31, 1995-Jeremy and I will spend New Year's Eve apart...because he is still in the hospital due to complications of recovering....We hope he will come home on Sunday or Monday. Most of all we hope that all of the diverticulitis will not come back and bother him anymore!!! But I will miss him tonight.....
My year has been a busy one keeping up with everyone. I had been doing great with the running but then have been fighting this unknown sinus, allergy, asthma, bronchitis, etc. infection since August. It has my doctor stumped but we are trying the allergy shots now-I survived the RUSH treatments without an ER visit so maybe that will help-I hope so-I want my life back without steriods, and more steriods and more medicine. I want to be able to breathe again without coughing or chest tightness or losing my voice every month.
So although I am shocked by how fast time has gone by-I am not sad to see 2010 end. I hope that 2011 is better and not so hard. I look forward to better health for Jeremy and for me. I look forward to better times and more peace. Yes, I know where to find it. Sometimes just hard to b e still when you are always coughing..... :)
May the New year bring happiness to all.....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can't believe it is almost November!

Well I guess it is true the older you get the faster time flies! Jeremy had surgery at the beginning of October and it feels like the month went by in the blink of an eye! I am getting into a crazy routine of Kelsey's homeschool stuff in the morning and Kenna's preschool Spark stuff in the afternoon and then Keira and Kyle come home and it is one to homework and sports practices. So I don't mean to be anti-social just having four kids to keep up with has become very time consuming. But I do enjoy it. I am sick of pollen this fall. It has been a lot worse for me than in the past and I am ready to be done with feeling bad every other week it feels like. But hopefully there will be a break in a high pollen count soon! I don't sit down to the computer much with having an iphone other than when I am doing school work for Kelsey so the blog is pretty much neglected but I thought I would take the time to record a little bit of the fall here.
Soccer for Kelsey has gone really well. She has played great all season and at ODP she has done great. Try outs are in January and I think she may have a shot at playing up. She is going to Athletic Republic for PE and that has really helped her and her speed and agility is amazing. I am amazed at the things they can do to help those kids learn to use their bodies with the proper mechanics!!!! It is so worth the time and money! The owners were telling me that none of the other ARs were getting the results that they were-these guys here in Humble are taking almost .9 seconds off of the 40 yd dash. That is huge! In six weeks! But you can see it in one session in how the kids body movement changes. I just think it is neat to watch. But I am a nerd like that.
She is doing great in her school work at home but she misses her friends at school and has dreams of doing EVERYTHING so she has decided to go back to school in January, I think. So she can be a cheerleader, in athletics, drama, and honors classes and soccer. I think it is really neat to see her blossom and grow up. Hard to let her grow up-you want them to stay little but amazing to watch them blossom!
Kyle has made just as amazing of a transformation this fall as well! He has grown into this handsome young man! He is maturing into the leader I always knew he was. He is in athletics and decided that he wanted to try out for 7th grade QB. Well we thought having never really played that he would end up on the B or C team, but he worked so hard he has earned the job of the A team QB and had led the team all year. He has three more games and they are playing great. They get better each week and he is really just showing what maturity he has that even when he had an very painful ingrown toenail-he still got up every morning at 6am and practiced until we got it taken out. He is still playing tournament baseball as well and has become a powerful hitter on the big field. He had an amazing tournament this weekend with his bat and some great catches in centerfield. He pitched a little and did well but we don't want to stress his arm too much. But he is also making straight As!!!! I just think this is so great with his ADD and all that he is doing is such a huge accomplishment for him and I couldn't be more impressed with his choices. He is taller than me and I am sure that he will be sprouting even more!
Keira has slowly gotten into the first grade groove. She is settling in and as I have gotten to know the teacher better I am very grateful for her. It has been such a busy fall that I have been worried about her-and I not too sure about the new school administration yet, but I know she is surrounded by a good teacher and good specials teachers so I hope that makes for a good day and we will be able to catch her up from the disaster called kindergarten.....We are still straying to find an activity that she enjoys and wants to stick with for more than a day....It has been a challenge!
Kenna has done great at Spark and I owe a lot to Lori and Melissa! They have really pulled her out of her shyness and she is improving every day! She is talking to people more and interacting and I couldn't be happier! She wasn't scared of the same things she was scared of last year so I can't say enough wonderful things about the SPARK program!!
In the past two weeks I have had my friends lose their friends suddenly as well as a friend lose his dad. This made me realize that I wanted to make sure that I had written down that I am grateful for my friends and all that they do for me. They brighten my day and are there for me when I need something. They know me well enough to know when I am faking it and when I am good. They know when I really need help. They know my kids and my husband's sarcastic wit and aren't offended by it. They accept me as I am. If I lost them suddenly I would miss them terribly, but I hope that I tell them how much I love them and appreciate them often. I know I would see them again on the other side....
I am grateful to the Lord for all of the blessings in my life and for all of the many wonderful things He has given me. I never lose sight of that ever. My children are my four greatest blessings and to watch them grow into these wonderful people is amazing.....It is my greatest gift from the Lord....after the Atonement of course...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two weeks almost done!

Well I have a ton to do today but I figured I would jot down a few thoughts...
We have survived almost two weeks of school. Kelsey and I still like each other. Kenna is still happy. Kyle LOVES football and seems to be doing ok in all honors classes with good teachers. However, Keira is still having a hard time and I wish I could figure out how to help her. She had such a rough year last year and I had hoped that it would get better but she is still not wanting to go to school. It just breaks my heart. She is such a sweet spunky spirit. She shouldn't have that much anxiety about school.
We are headed to Austin this weekend for a soccer tourney so it will be fun in two ways from a totally selfish standpoint...
1. All of the other kids get to be with grandma and grandpa for the weekend. This is much needed time with them and I know all parties involved will be in heaven! Thanks mom and dad!
2. It will be nice to spend time with just Kelsey. When you have more than one kid this doesn't happen very often. So I am grateful for these opportunities...

I also have been thinking about why is it most of us are motivated by things that HAVE to get done instead of by desire? It seems that mentality of checking off my list is how many live their personal, professional and spiritual lives. Why is that? It is the very few who stop and can see and feel beyond. Keeping up with the "Jone's" really doesn't matter if you are drowning in debt or you end up divorced. Pushing your kids in whatever it is to the point that they don't like you anymore causes a void that you can never get back. Yet too much freedom and being their too much BFF causes just as much harm. It is a balancing act that is so hard to find and manage. But as my kids get older and I watch all of these parents around me-I am so grateful for the ones who have gone before and have great kids.
I am grateful for the adults who take the time to get to know my kids and give them their unique perspective on life. I think that is probably the greatest gift my grandmother gave to me. She always told me to keep an open mind because you never know what somebody can teach you. I am realizing that there are lots of great "things" I could have accomplished but most of all I hope my kids grow up to be good, honest, loving people who value a hard day's work.
I want all of their dreams to come true....Professional athlete, olympic athlete, marine biologist, vet, coach, etc. I hope that they will learn with commitment and humility they can become leaders and find great success.
So I have set my own goal to run a half marathon in March and by my 40th bday run a marathon. I don't know that I will ever have the time by then to get all of those miles in each week for the marathon, but I know I can do the half. So I am set to do it and I am excited. I am soo sore right now, but I am excited (yet tired) when the alarm goes off at 4:50am to get up and run. I can knock out 2 miles right now and I look forward to when I can run more regularly. Maybe I will try a few races in between...I was fast back in the day...So
happy fall as LAbor Day weekend approaches. I look forward to a new adventure.

Monday, August 23, 2010

first day of school

well I am a teacher now too...
It is almost midnight and I am already behind
The morning sun is soon to shine
My sleep will be not too much
in these months of books and stuff.

Hope my KEEIraboo
comes to love school
that teachers cherish
not letting her perish

My baby boy may be the QB
I may have high anxiety!!!
He had a great day with
teachers he likes..
I hope that it stays
and seventh grade
is not a hike...

Kenna will see a new Spark or two
Mrs. Gregory and a few new
faces that will hopefully delight
She will learn her days of the week
and maybe even change the song by a tweak..

As for me I will learn if a teacher I am cut out to be
A testing ground this will prove of me
I hope I make it
I am excited to try
But man, these nights are gonna fly by....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reflections of the Sun.....

So as I have been absent from the blogging world for a while I have learned a lot about myself and the world around me....
I have remembered how much I love to be outside even if it is really really hot. I love getting a tan in May that lasts all summer long and taking the kids swimming. I love that I had the chance to coach again in June and look forward to doing it again in December and April. I am not sure that I am doing a good job at being the mom of a teenager but I am doing my best to raise a good boy that will become a good man one day. I love the sound of happy screaming children at odd hours of the day running around my house because as my title suggests-I do fly by the seat of my pants....however, I love even more after all of that screaming the silence of a quiet house at the end of a day that is clean and organized. I have gotten so much better as the kids have gotten older at cutting the clutter monster down to size and I look forward to chopping it into tiny pieces once and for all!!!
I have watched Kyle sit on the bench for almost three months supporting his team as his elbow healed and sat as he went through PT all summer so he could play in the world series with his team...
I have been given good friends these past few months that have taught me that true friends love us no matter what. They listen, and talk and laugh and love. They will tell us like it is and even if we are wrong they let us know. They stand up for us. They help us out. They love our kids-even the hard one that no one ever really wants....If we call or text in tears at 2am-she'll answer with what took you so long. Those few friends I have found these last few months and I am so grateful for them.
I had the privilege of spending time with not only Jeremy's family this summer but to also see my mom married to a great guy. I feel very blessed to have all of these wonderful things this summer. The trials that life brings sometimes seem suffocating but I am grateful that even when it feels like there is not strength to make it through that over the years the Lord has helped me.
In three days I will have been married for 15 time flies! I am grateful for the dedication and commitment that Jeremy has for me and the love and affection that he has shown me over the years. We have walked a journey that has taken us over mountains and valleys and canyons and raging rapids and hot deserts and grassy plains and thick forests and sandy beaches to vast oceans. But we have also seen beautiful horizons and colorful sunrises and poignant sunsets....Thank you Jeremy for this life that I would not trade for another. I have learned things I would have learned no where else....I love you always!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thank You Kelsey Call Photography and I am back in the blogging world!

so we took these pictures at the end of May but I have been off of the blog since I got the iphone. I am so grateful for all of the blessings in my life. As we have had the summer to stay busy and spend time together it makes me grateful for all of the wonderful experiences that these kids get to have. We saw Grandma and Grandpa over memorial day. We saw Grandma Kip and Tony get married in a beautiful ceremony and spend time with them as well. It was a special treat that we got to spend time with my Uncle Dave. Then we were able to have my nephew fly down from Utah for 10 days and we played and had fun. Poor Jeremy has been working so hard and we have missed him so much but we really appreciate all that he does for us each and every day. HE gets up at the crack of dawn and works until the sun goes down, coaches Kyle's baseball team, and plays with the girls. I think he has set a record for going swimming this summer with us even with his crazy schedule! so thanks J! We love you lots!!!! You are the best!!! I am sad to see the summer come to a close but as crazy as it sounds I am a little excited to get back in to the swing of things and even more excited to start watching Kyle play football for TMS. It will be a fun filled busy fall! But I know that the Lord has blessed me with a good life and I am grateful for it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day thoughts

So I celebrated my 13th mother's day this year. It was a sweet one considering that in 1994 I was told I wouldn't be one. Each of us have our own road of motherhood, whether it be easy and natural- hard and with medical intervention-adoption-or just being the village mother. But each woman's heart longs for that feeling to hold and nurture and child and call them her own. We are not perfect in the words that we say. Our emotions can blind us throughout our lives. It is a shame as to the pain it can cause others. Primary infertility or secondary infertility-motherhood is still that longing....As I have read so many different thoughts this Mother's Day I have been reminded over the many different emotions I have felt over the years from grief, to sorrow, to happiness and joy to longing and aching....But this Mother's Day I woke with gratitude in my heart that no matter that journey, no matter the cost-I am able to celebrate Mother's Day.

Sunday morning each child gave me something when I woke up and (Jeremy went out of his way this year and gave me a picture of us at midnight in a really cool frame.) Then in the morning he had Kenna give me opal earrings and then he gave me an opal necklace. (my birthstone) Kelsey gave me a mother daughter necklace that made me cry. Keira made me a sweet card and Kyle made me a certificate and card. It was such a sweet day and one that I will cherish. It has been a rough few years transitioning with older kids and "feisty" Kenna. She can still be an armful, but she is maturing in some ways and getting a little easier. When she is in a good mood she is really cute!!!
As I watch each of them grow and develop it is amazing to me to realize how much I love this job called mom. I may not have the great paying job or some cool degree that will earn me a great paying job-anthropology degrees probably are not worth much :) but I finished what I started and I do still hope to get a graduate degree one day...
But looking at how in the blink of an eye Kyle and Kelsey are turning into handsome and beautiful young adults-it makes me sad to think that I thought I appreciated all the time I have had with them and yet I wish I had more....The next 6 years with Kyle will go by so fast it makes me sad to realize that he and Kelsey will be in college in 7 years. So sad....I will really miss them...
Don't get me wrong-I love Keira and Kenna just as much and I look forward to all of the time I have left with them and I know that I can appreciate that time just as much-and that being a mom does not end when they leave home and that the next 7 years will not be easy-but these kids are so precious to me and I love every minute I get to spend with them and with Jeremy as a family. It has been a lot of fun!
Thank you Jeremy for not giving up on me and believing in me all of these years. I know it is not always easy and that at times it is easier to give up and start over, but I still believe in true love and still believe that Black Hawk's song "Love Like This" is our song. Thanks for sharing this ride called parenthood with me all of these years and I look forward to all of the years to come....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One of the moments of being a parent...

So we took family pictures last week with Kelsey of course. I know I keep giving shameful plugs on my blog and facebook, but I really think she is the best photographer with how she captures personality in a way that most people are not able to. It is an art and she is an artist. I have not even seen most of them, but as I looked at the sneak peek of my own kids and then looked at a sneak peek of some mutual friends' kids the stark reality of how fast my kids are growing up hit home even harder. I am not sure where the time has gone. On some days it seems just yesterday that it was Kyle who was the 3 or 4 year old that was the sun kissed blonde kid causing trouble in Primary with these mischief laden blue eyes. Not much has changed in almost 10 years as Kelsey can attest from our photoshoot-he is still full of mischief and mayham, but he will be a teenager in 3 short months. When I look at Kelsey, she is this beautiful strong smart athletic young woman now. Not the little chubby blond toddler with a toothy grin that I probably will always see her as....And Keira...well she is not a baby anymore that is for sure...She is definately a six year old full of opinions and ideas and worries and wanting to be like her big sister and brother. When she gives us her true smile it will always remind me of the day she was born....Then there is Kenna....she is still a handful...she is still clingly....she is still opinionated like no other...but she does not look like a baby anymore. She is a preschooler on her way to becoming a little girl. I am entering a new phase in life and it definately shows in these pictures... Now if only I could catch up to Jeremy in the weight loss department and look younger like he does then while the kids look older and we look younger it will all balance out in the end......RIGHT????

Monday, April 19, 2010

Four years

Four years ago today I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. I always believed in having a spirit before we came to earth-it was one of the principles that drew me to the church. I had a connection to this baby that I had not had with the others. Even as I began to bleed like the other pregnancies on Easter I just figured it would be a long pregnancy. When I got the news on the 17th that there was no heartbeat, I prayed for a miracle. But by the middle of the night on the 18th I knew that was not to be the case. I can not deny the Lord's hand in those four days. I had a blessing from Jeremy that carried me through the night until we made it to the doctor. And I felt his little spirit with me all that time. It wasn't until I woke up after the procedure that it was so profound. I knew he was with me before the D&C and gone afterwards. So I have that testimony of we lived before we came here. I can only hope that even if I never got the chance to hold him in my arms and get to know him as others have with the children they have known and loved and lost-I hope that I will get that chance one day. One of my mission friends posted pictures of her 20 week baby's hands and feet impressions that was lost last year and it was amazing to be reminded just how fragile life is and to appreciate every moment that we have....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My thanks to Chick Fil A

I just wanted to share my experiences lately with how amazing the people at Chick fil A have been to us. Mainly because it really got on my nerves today when I went to Sonic and got the girls cherry slushes and asked them to put in a cherry and they charged me 10 cents for each cherry! Ok so I know that they are now charging for flavors when they did not used to. I know the market is tight and the ecomony is tight and they do their little happy hour every day to get people to come in and hopefully buy food as well. But come on-I have to pay now for a cherry in a cherry slush?
So on to my Chick Fil A story...On Saturday Kelsey had a party in the Woodlands so the little girls and I stayed over there during the party. We found a really cool park to play at, feed the ducks and get really dirty! Kenna had a blast learning to climb the climbing wall and Keira discovered that she loves to slide down the firemen's pole and really big slides! They both loved playing in the sand as well. So I still had 2 more hours to kill after all of that so we found a Chick fil A for dinner. (Their new favorite place to eat) After finishing their entire kid's meals each girl decided that they wanted an ice cream shake since that is what Kelsey got to have over spring break....Well, I knew that they could not eat a whole one and I did not want one...oh what to do, what to do. So I ordered one shake and I took it back to the table and I split it between two cups and gave it to the girls. Well, there were tears that they both did not get whipped cream and a cherry!!!! So I went back up to the counter and asked the guy how much it would be for whipped cream and a cherry. He got a bowl made a huge pile of whipped cream and topped it with a cherry and handed it to Kenna! This made her night! Keira was happy with her ice cream and I was so happy not to have ice cream!!! But this is just one of the many things they have done for my girls over the many trips we have made recently thanks to sports and tournaments! They have given them balloons, we have gotten a whole extra order of nuggets when the order came out wrong, the manager always gives Keira a handful of mints when she asks upon leaving-which makes her day or night!!! And what has been the most impressive of all is that the kids 4 piece nugget meal with fruit is less expensive than the four piece nugget meal at McDonald's, Burger King, or Whataburger! For a mere $3.39 you can get it with fruit and for $2.89 you can get it with fries! So when you add the customer service to that it really makes for a better dining experience. And well the disposable placemats have become my favorite thing when eating out for the little girls there! At the one in the woodlands there were even little things of Cheerios for the babies while they were waiting for the food! So props to Chickfilas and all that they do to go above and beyond in this day and age when everyone else is cutting corners and nickel and diming you. I appreciate and I hope that others do too! Plus they are closed on Sunday so their employees can spend time with their families!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The little Mommy

Kenna is our little Mommy....I don't think even Kelsey loved baby dolls as much as Kenna does!!!

Kelsey's lost bday picture!!!

Happy bday Booty Baby!!!

Is this not the sweetest picture?

You've Just Been EGGED!!!

So I am going to have to go backwards because these was such a fun surprise for the girls! An unnamed person left these little treats on our front lawn this afternoon and this note on the front door! The glee, delight, and joy that was expressed by Keira and Kenna as we pulled up after school was so wonderful that I can't thank this person enough for their heartfelt kindness for picking us. It was a treat that my kids will remember and I am grateful for this little act of service and creativity that really brightened their day! Thanks so much to our special Easter Friends.....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I will get the Spring break post up...I know I am turning into the sparse blog poster, but Iguess it has just been busy. We had fun and I need to catch up. It was a great week off. We have all been healthy-I keep fighting off the sinus infections this spring, not the kids, but other than that things have just been busy with baseball and soccer in the Woodlands. I might want to move there one day....just so I can drive less....but I digress...Pictures to come and details of our adventures.....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Life is what we make if it

My friend Sheri told me about these books that I just had to read last weekend at Kyle's baseball tournament by Jeannette Walls. She said they were written by a woman who was maybe 5 years older than us at the most but her life stoyr was amazing! So on Tuesday she dropped her book by as well as the "novel" she wrote about her grandmother's life. These two books are incredible reminders that it is our attitude and what we do with it that determines what we take out of the challenges we are faced with. She faced alcoholism, homelessness, no indoor plumbing, going hungry and going through the trash for food as a child and teenager-yet became a writer and is now published with a college degree. But most of all she is not bitter about her upbringing, she is not bitter about the life her parents raised her in or their struggles-she chose to see it a positive light. What an amazing reminder to the strength of the human spirit....
And I love her grandmother's phrase half broke horses, but maybe that is because I am a horse person....but these are great books and I highly reccomend them. But on The Glass House I have to put out a warning that since her father was an alcoholic there is some foul language so if that is offensive then just know that it is an amazing story.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yeah- I found that SPARK Again!

So I am a nerd, I know, but I am excited that I found these products again after so many years! I was a distributor many years ago when the company was still new and young. I believed in the nutritional products then, but just got busy with life and stopped using them. When Kelsey and Kyle were swimming last summer I started talking to one of Kyle's friend's dad's who was a distributor and although it has taken me almost a year to finally become one again-I am so excited to have these products back in my life, mainly because I wanted the discount :). Spark has these great b vitamins that just bring a smile to my face that I love and seem to really balance me out. You can check these products out at I even have a website there somewhere) , but if I seem more peppy in the next little while-you will know why....Hopefully it follows with some serious weightloss and athletic prowess returning as well....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Kenna pictures

Here are Kenna's baby pictures in honor of her birthday that just passed as well...
Feb 14, 2007
7' 4'
21 1/2 inches
College Station, Tx

Here is Keira-those first few days...

What a cutie.....
March 11, 2004
College Station, Tx
8' 5'
21 inches long
Hard to believe Kyle and Kelsey were that little....
And can't believe just how jaundiced she really looked-They almost didn't let us bring her I can really see why....

My Miracle Baby....

Well, Keira turns six on Thursday. It is hard to believe that this little spitfire will be that old. I have written before of the endometriosis and the prognosis they gave me in 1994. I have always claimed that Kyle and Kelsey were my mission blessings. After Kelsey was born it became apparent that it would not be so easy anymore. We tried for almost 4 years when the hormones had made me so sick I was ready to give up and come to understand that my family was complete at two. I prayed and fasted one last time for a miracle and told the Lord I would stop telling Him what to do. Ironically, one month later, I found out I was pregnant....It was not the easy pregnancy like the others. I was on bed rest a lot. I ended up with a c-section because she was breech from the very first sonogram and never turned. They could never tell us what she was and we had the hardest time agreeing on a girl's name. But when they finally placed her in my arms I will never forget that feeling of realizing it was all worth it. The older kids spoiled her( they were over 5 and almost 7 by now), grandparents spoiled her, and we spoiled her! She was such a happy baby and probably our healthiest baby. She loved her mommy and was this little pixie. She still is...Of all of the kids she looks the most like me, she has the wildest side, she already has a knack for fashion and shoes, she would rather have make up and clothes than cleats and a ball. She will ask for diet coke and a salad by nature-she is a girly girl through and through....And I love all the "pooterisms" that make up each day and will miss them as she grows up. I know each one of my children is a miracle when it was a question mark on having any of them, but the long wait for her always makes her birthday right before spring break a little bit sentimental for me....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

To my Valentine....

So I know it is almost March and I have glazed over Valentine's Day. With Kenna's birthday being on Valentine's Day it has a tendency to get overshadowed by the birthday. But I wanted to add that Jeremy was very sweet to surprize me all month long with little things to brighten my day. He knows that one of my very favorite candies are the conversation hearts so he put them on my pillow spelling out I heart U ! Then he got me yellow carnations when I told him I never got carnations in school when we were talking about getting carnations for the girls this year. He wrote me a sweet poem to go along with the little chocolate he got me as well since he knows I am trying to get back in shape. He also knew that it would be a crazy weekend so he took me out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate Valentine's day our 15th together. So even though 3 years ago he told me I would have to wait 18 years to celebrate another Valentine's day-he really spoiled me this year. I am grateful for all of his romantic surprises this month and I appreciate all of them. He has even gone out of his way to fill of my gas tank for me! (see previous post) So thanks my handsome doc ;)! I love ya and I am so glad that you are mine!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My tribute to Trudy and Andi

These two women at Dr. Shaw's front office are awesome!!! (Don't worry everyone else I will be in soon with a camera for the rest of you!!) They are always so sweet and cheery to everyone even the people who are grouchy and mean. But they are especially sweet and kind and caring to all of my kids. Keira and Kenna talk about them on a regular basis and they always brighten our day. They show interest in my kids and listen when Kyle wants to talk about baseball or Kelsey wants to talk about her current topic of interest or Keira wants to talk about make up or Kenna just wants to cuddle. Thanks ladies for being awesome!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here is Mixer the Hedgehog

Here is Kels's birthday present, Mixer the hedgehog. We have fallen in love with this little guy. He is a lot of fun, not smelly and loves his mealworms and crickets. He visited Mrs. Guzzo's classroom and was a champ with 21 kindergarteners then visited Mr. Cannon's classroom with 27 fifth graders. I was really impressed by how well he did. I thank Animal Ark for this pet reccomend!! We have loved him!!

the baby"s third bday

well it is official, my baby is 3 and my oldest is on his way in a few months to being 13.....where does the time go???? I have to add the build a bear accessory trip for Becky Bear, but she was a sport putting up with a soccer tournament. Kelsey won first place so it was a good day, but she loved her bday and her little party at chuckie cheese with a few friends. Kelsey is now 11 as well and her party is this weekend so more pictures to come....