Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aggieland Dreams

Well, the whole family went with me to College Station on Friday. I had a dr appt. and since it was jeremy's day off we decided to make a trip of it. It was soo worth it. Kyle got to have a ptiching lesson from his favorite coach (next to his dad)-Trey Moore. He played baseball for the Aggies and played in the MLB so Kyle thinks highly of him. Trey likes Kyle too-so he is always so nice to him. Kyle had a great lesson and Trey said his arm is just getting stronger and he's developing into a great pitcher. So that was neat to hear.
I was able to get a cute outfit for a friend's little boy that will help him stay in maroon while up in colorado and keep him out of burnt orange! :)
We ran into a bunch of old friends and it was fun to see how they are doing and how fast time flies. When we moved there I was Rachel's VT and her first baby was 6months old. She told us Rachelle was baptised last week. How time flies! They were doing great. Her husband is in the leadership at church where they live. You know you are getting old when that is the 5th friend who has been serving in those positions. Where does the time go?
It was also so neat to go and visit Meg. She let me show up randomly and see her sweet baby Hannah. We served in Young Women together back in 2001 and I have watched her in her journey of motherhood. I have mentioned her before but I have to share her story because it each little new detail that she shares strengthens my testimony that the Savior knows us soooo personally. She and Peter struggled with infertility for many years and even after they decided to adopt it was another 3 years. When she quit her job so they would be ready to live on one income so she could stay home with the baby. She didn't like to cook at all and I just read on her blog that she felt bad for making frozen pizza! I remember the Mother's Day she spoke when she got the word that they were getting this little baby. Katy came into their lives and stole their hearts. And she looks like a little Meg!!! Then 22 months later she got the call that there was a family that chose them. She told me this agency was the most expensive but she felt so inspired about choosing them that they went forward with it. This time it was a little boy. Now 22 months later, this same couple called them and asked if they were willing to adopt the little girl they were about to have. I thought it was so neat but this was the miracle that I wanted to share. Meg told me that she had always wanted a sister for Katy but never asked or prayed for one. She just wished. She didn't know how it would happen but secretly she wished. Then the call came and now she has another beautiful little girl that is just over two weeks old. I got to hold Hannah and she truly is beautiful. What an amazing journey. She is an AMAZING mom and I just admire her so much!
Then we got to see Jeremy's best friend, Troy and his family. Their son, Noah, was having a b-day party that afternoon and Kyle was invited. The boys got to play flag football at Kyle field for about 2 hours. But the thing that impressed me the most was Troy who is the director of academics for the football team, asked Steven McGee to come play quarter back for the boys and he said yes. For those of you who don't follow football-he was the Aggie QB who is going to be drafted into the NFL this year. As we were walking out to the field Jerod Johnson was walking in from practice and saw Troy and came back out to play on the other team with the boys. He is the current Aggie hot shot QB. It was so sweet to see these guys who are so busy and admired by so many take time out of their day to play with a group of 10-11 year old boys. Kyle caught 4 passes from Steven Mcgee inlcuding the game winning touchdown. He was so excited. We didn't have our camera but Troy is supposed to send us pictures so I'll post them when I get them. It was just a reminder of what makes Aggieland so great. The stars are so down to earth and good guys. Jeremy made a comment about how special it was that they did that for Troy-and I believe it is the environment that is fostered in College Station. It is a special place. I know it is not perfect-but there are a lot of neat people and traditions there. Gig 'Em !
I was bummed that I didn't get to see Bobbi-but I will see her soon. There never seems to be enough time to get to see all of our friends when we go. But we try to get to see those that we can. We still love all of ya'll!
It was a rough weekend for sports. Kelsey played a great game on Saturday, but they played 6 on 8 because we didn't have enough girls. It was frustrating because she blocked about 15, but was beating herself up for the ones she missed. Kyle played great this weekend as well, but they ended up 1-2 this weekend. Next week brings another set of league games and a tournament in Beaumont. So we'll see how it goes.
We are well for the moment. I hope it stays that way for a little bit at least.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

Well we have had an interesting week. Jeremy has been sick off and on all week. I ended up at the ER with shortness of breath. I felt pretty stupid-but I guess you live and learn. I am ready to be done with this asthma thing. It is new to me and I don't like it. I have two more days of oral steriods and with everything else. I can't sleep at night, but at least I am so wired when I wake up I am not totally exhausted. I am sure it will catch up to me soon. I have enjoyed this time we have had to be able to spend with each other. I have gotten frustrated at times, but I am grateful for inspiration from the Lord to settle me down.
I have to write about TOFW! It was such a sweet experience for me. I enjoyed the company of the women that I went with. It was fun to go up with one group Friday night and get to know them and then a different group on Saturday and get to know them. I was really bummed that Cindy didn't make it up-but totally understand the sick kid dilemna! I really went to TOFW prayerful and hoping for answers to questions. When I went to WC in Provo it was great to be there-but I left not feeling like I had answers to my prayers last May. That was not the case this time. I know it is true the Lord answers prayers in His own time, but sometimes it is just hard. He told me that at Women's Conference last year-but I just wasn't ready to hear it. I was edified so much and uplifted in the ways that I needed that I am so grateful I went. There were so many things I could write about, but the few things that I am trying to do are these:
1. Pray always
2. Go to the Lord with a question each day for 30 days
3. Read scriptures every day even if that is just one.
4. The 48 hr rule-let all things go after 48 hrs
5. Let the Atonement work in your life.

These are the things I am really trying to work on. Although I have been told it before it really stuck with me this time that the Lord will consecrate our minutes in prayer, scripture study, comtemplation with Him. I would like to spend more time, but it seems Kenna is so needy and she pulls all of my time. So to hear more than one speaker say MINUTES-it really meant something. A few said that their wives locked the door and prayed, others took a bath with their scriptures, others took a shower, it just made me feel that my efforts are heard by the Lord and I just need to give it to Him.
I am excited to get a new camera that I can tkae around-so I can post more pictures. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ok, I have to add that in recent months I have come across several friends from high school. Those that know me now probably have no idea that if it didn't involve music and dancing or gymnastics I wasn't there. I dreamed about it. I couldn't see myself doing anything else for the rest of my life.
Enter me-present time. I am not the same person.
Kelsey asks me out of the blue Sunday night in the car-can I get into Julliard? What? This is my brainy child who loves soccer and gets embarrassed to sing or dance in front of ME! Julliard? Why Julliard? Well, they mentioned it in HSM 3 and I thought it would be fun. Well, Kelsey, that is actually the only school I wanted to attend after high school and I couldn't. MY second choice was this school in Colorado that had a musical theater department. But I ended up somehwere else. It is not that I regret it. I loved all of my classes in anthropology and I am glad that is the degree that I got. But there are days recently that as I hear of 3 friends from HS have CDs and one is doing awesome all over the world. Don't get me wrong. I never envisioned the world. It was mainly just Broadway. I didn't want the West Coast spotlight. I just wanted to be on stage for a living.
I love being a soccer mom-don't get me wrong-there are just days when I wish I had stayed with music and not listened to the naysayers that told me I could not succeed with a career in music. I could have been a music teacher or a choral director. I could have taught dance. I just stopped believing in myself somewhere and walked away.
I know that there are more important things in life than silly dreams. My good friend is going through the adoption process and both birth moms so far have changed their minds. Another is just starting the process. It is a hard road and I admire each of them for their courage and determination. Others are struggling with terminally ill kids or divorce or personal illness.
I just couldn't help but think about all the dreams I once had and that a friends mom told me that she fully expected to see me on Broadway one day. I still haven't even been to New York.
I'll never be on Broadway-but I can still sing my kids to sleep and maybe once in awhile I'll get to sing at church. Maybe I'll be that old lady signing up for a dance class-just so I can dance. It would fit me. I still enjoy going upstream instead of following the current-even if it is much smaller these days.
Music is still my love-may the music that has always brought me happiness and joy still be waiting for me when the time comes to meet up again....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Z-PAk, xopenex, xyzal, orapred, delseym, pulmicort,-and I wonder why I don't have more spending money?

Kenna finally has just enough hair for piggie tails!

Here is the sight I have seen the most these past two weeks. We are doing neb treatments at least twice a day and that hasn't helped the cough for the drainage-even though we are up to 5 oral syringes of different meds for the allergy season. It got so bad this weekend that I was beginning to believe I might actually have to make an ER trip. I have only been there once when Kelsey stripped her gums off of her teeth doing a back flip at the pool. So I am not eager to go to the ER. I try VERY hard to stay out! Well I went to the Dr on Monday and it wasn't the usual one. I guess I am just used to him and he knows that I am 1. not a paranoid mom and 2. I am educated about asthma and allergies. I know what my other kids are allergic to and I know how to avoid them and I already practice these things at my house (pillow covers, etc). So I guess that I will just live with the fact that I genetically gave all of my children (now Keira too) allergies. I am really sick of staying up half the night with a coughing child that ends up throwing up from coughing. I am getting sick of the green boogers and runny noses. And I know that I will miss this and this too shall pass-but is it too much to ask for a good nights sleep and that I can keep up with everything? I probably will go buy all new pillows for everyone and cover all the pillows that weren't covered before. I am thinking about having my air ducts cleaned-any ideas on that one? I'm almost ready to leave my beloved Texas and move where there are not trees and no grass-is that the moon?
But aside from that frustration-I have to say that this past weekend was a good one-after Kenna's bout of asthma. Kelsey had another shut out game. Her goal for the season is to have 5 out of 10 shut out games. So I am proud of her working toward that goal. Kyle had a great weekend in baseball. He has been working hard during the week and his batting shows it. He had some monster hits this weekend and the boys won 2 out of 5 games this weekend. It was so cool that they were able to play 5 games this weekend! They even bet a team that put a wallup on them earlier in the week in league play. It was a great team weekend. Go Texas Nitro and the '98 White Wave!!!
I also want to thank Jeremy for really being a help around the house with all of this. It has been hard on both of us and I don't enjoy splitting up and driving all over Houston to get Kyle and Kelsey to their sports, but it was a net experience this weekend to enjoy the friends that we have and I am grateful for them! I love that we have Mark on the team and it is so f un to hang out with Wendy and Paula and all the other moms. Thanks for all the help!
Well Keira's birthdya is tomorrow-Can't believe she is 5. Where does the time go? She is still such joy and I love her. I love all of my kids-each one is special and it is amazing to watch them blossom into amazing little people!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm not old enough to have a middle schooler!

Ok, so I went to the parent orientation for Timberwood Middle School with Jeremy last night. We sat next to our friends, Sheri and Jimmie. Then a couple of their friends sat down by us. We all looked at each other and said "We're not old enough to have a middle schooler!" Well, I guess I am. I could have been doing this last year, but with his July birthday I decided to enjoy his company an extra year. I am glad that I waited, but it is still hard to believe my little baby boy is going into 6th grade. When Kenna makes little faces that remind me of my little baby boy or her mischeivous smile that looks just like Kyle's, it is hard to believe how fast time goes by. There are times I wish we were still in CS so he would have all 5 of his guy friends at middle school with him from church. But Kyle, who is never at a loss for friends, has chosen good boys to hang around with and baseball helps keep him busy. It is amazing to see what elective options he has. There is not only band, but orchestra and art and drama and choir. Now if I were to guess I would bet he chose the band-percussion so he could beat on the drums. But I guess we'll see next month when the cards come home. I always said I would home school them for middle school, but the electives are so amazing-I think that they will have a great time. i may be wrong, but they are good kids with good heads on their shoulders. I know that Kyle will love athletics in 7th and 8th grade. Even if he has to wait until high school to play baseball. I can't believe I am old enough to have an almost 12 year old, but he sure is a cute one! I guess as he gets older I need to say handsome, but he's still my little boy.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sinus infections-go away!

ok-so I can honestly say I am sick of snot! I am finally feeling better. I caught Kyle's stomach bug thing and that weakened me enough for the sinus junk to turn into an infection. I hate that facial pain. It just sucks. But that is after Jeremy has been diagnosed with one and Kenna too. Plus Kyle was sick. It has been one crazy month of Feb. and I hope that March is better. I am waiting for a day to wake up and everyone is well. Kenna is crying a lot today so I hope that doesn't mean that we are on our way to another ear infection since her tubes fell out. The drainage isn't much better-so I guess we will see. He gave me one huge dose of a z-pak all in one pill. I hope it works. So I really believe that one day I'll catch up with myself. :) I have really been questioning the sports thing....If they have talent-what should I do to help them? One wants to be a coach when he grows up or play professionally. I want to help Kyle reach his dream. He loves every minute of playing on the baseball field. I remember that feeling so well. I felt that way about being on stage. It was the one place where I was always happy. I excelled at it. I may not have been able to follow that path into college-but I want to give Kyle the chance to follow his dreams to the best of my ability. So how do you keep a balance of family time, sports time, spiritual time, and quiet time? We aren't even on a team that practices 5 days a week and plays tournaments every weekend. But I don't want him to think that is all life is about. Any ideas? As far as Kelsey goes-she is sooooo good at what she does in soccer-should I keep pushing her when she doesn't want to go to practice? Should I give her a season off? I don't want the little girls to get lost in all the time we spend at these events, but Keira does have her activity too. I guess with all the sickness lately it has made me stop and think-amm I doing the right things with my time? The big kids are going to be grown up and gone in 7-8 years. That is time that will go by so fast-I don't want to miss a minute of time for each of them.
those are my thoughts for the day. I've got to run-but I look forward to the sunshine and a little park time today-I think I am getting cabin fever!