Friday, July 24, 2009

You Just Never Know....

It is hard to believe that time goes by so fast. Kyle's slumber party was a lot of fun, eshausting but fun. I think that his friends had a lot of fun and I hope they will want to come and hang out here over the next 7 years. I know it is nnice to have friends go away, but it is also nice to see your kids so relaxed and happy to know they are glad to be here. Kelsey has gotten to the point where her prefers to have friends come over here the most to going anywhere-but she is like her dad and is a home body to begin with. It was so sweet that when she went away for the weekend-when she got home just how much she kept telling Kyle and Keira how grateful she was they were her siblings. I just appreciate the kids I was given more and more as they get older.
I also realize that although I always thought I would have 6-8 kids and I had to stop at 4but I am grateful for those times when I am given the opportunity to help someone else out. I went to this Mary Kay party last night to get out of the house. It was at this house that is in Lakeshore that is huge and fancy and stuff. She's making probably 50-60,000 or maybe a little less a year with Mary Kay but she was really kind of snotty-nothing like my friend that invited me or the lady with my friend that is a little firecracker of a lady who is making $80,000+ with Mary Kay. In walks this young woman with an 8 week old baby for the party. I had been to one before and she hadn't and no one was offering to take the baby so I took the baby for her and said you are so kind to let me take her for you and she said oh it is not that I just depesperately need a break. So I got to hold this tiny little baby girl. I have to confess that I was glad to hand her back and not be up all night, but it was a sweet experience to know that the Lord knows I find joy in looking for ways to serve and that I could find it at a Mary Kay party. I was ablt to get a facial and hold a baby and give a new mom a break and chat with a good friend. Not only that I was able to go to the mall with Kelsey and Kenna. Kenna was a gem so I was able to talk with Kelsey and it was a sweet experience to just spend time with my daughter and build a strong relationship with her that will last the rest of our lives.
It has been a roller coaster of a summer, but I am grateful for every minute because although it has been hard it has brought me closer to my husband, my kids, and has brought me new friends, and stronger friendships and helped me see who my true friends really are. So summer is still one of my true loves-even after this one!

Monday, July 20, 2009

the rainbow....

Well, it seems that we have made it through the west side of the huricaine....I have learned to not say we are through, but these last several days I have definately felt like that country song two sparrows in a hurricaine. Jeremy made it back to work today. He has to have his follow up appt with Dr. Nunez once all of his antibiotics are done and have the scope. So the final tally was...Kenna had an allergic reaction to the anethesia that Tuesday the 7th, Kyle had braces put on on the 7th, Jeremy went into the hospital on the 7th; Kelsey has a kidney infection which caused her vomiting on the 9th; Keira had an ear infection that almost ruptured that caused her to lose her equalibruilim and that caused her to vomit; and then my new medicine caused me to get dehydrated b/c I wasn't drinking enough from everything and so I got sick and ended up with a UTI and was vomiting on the 12th. So then when jeremy got home our doctor believes that all of the IV antibiotics put a lot of stress on his kidneys and that is what caused his gout to flare up in three joints at once. Gout is an extremely painful form of arthritis that is so painful he can not walk when it is in his ankle and his knee and it was also in his wrist so he could not move his wrist. It was a long week last week. On the way home from College Station from seeing our doctor the transmission on the suburban went out so we had to leave it there all weekend.

So we never made it down to Grandma Kips and we never made it to Grandma's.

Kyle did have a good birthday. It went according to his plan. He had his taquito for breakfast; then we saw Harry Potter 6 then he had his Culver's burger and shrimp on the grill for dinner. We went and picked up the girls on sunday. Thanks Bobbi for keeping Kelsey and Keira for a few days. It was fun to just have two kids again. Weird but fun.
I realized that praying for strength seems to bring more hardship and relief seems to bring more trials so I just need to realize that life is going to be full of mountains and storms and it is my attitude that will be the measure of how I come through it all.
I think at times I probably failed the test. I got grouchy with the kids and Jeremy. I probably asked for too much help and I probably complained to Natie too much. But I did say my prayers every night and I did give thanks every night for all of the blessings that I did have and I was always looking for ways to be thankful admist it all.
So now I am getting ready for a slumberless party for Kyle and life is slowly getting back to normal. I hope that I can get back to being of service to my friends and enjoying life and all of it's craziness!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It seems that Kenna is allergic to something in the Pampers Baby Drys and when Kroger put them on sale I bought a whole bunch so if there is anyone out there that reads this and would like to buy about 120-130 diapers size 4 pampers for $20-let me know. I got them cheap so I am making any money-I would only be able to go buy about 60 Huggies for $20. But I guess that is my lot these days.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bring it On......

Well, I think the other night when I was saying my prayers and I was feeling like I wasn't gonna get through this and I couldn't hold up much longer

the Lord said well I think you are wrong so here....

Last night Kelsey threw up and had the runs all night-took her in today-She has a UTI.

Kyle calls me a 5pm (after the office has closed) and 2 of his brand new brackets glue and all have fallen off. He has kept his moutch perfect since Tuesday.

Kenna is still not back to sleeping through the night even with all the benadryl to fight the hives!

And I am up right now because now Keira is thowing up too!

So I was talking to a friend on the phone last night and I told her when Kelsey started throwing up-I might as well just say bring it on Lord what do ya got? I guess He took me up on it!
So I just need to put my boots on and roll with the punches with a smile on my face.
Thanks again to everyone-you are angels in the form of friends and I really appreciate it all!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hail Storm UpDate

although I am about to pass out I thought I would update that thanks Dan for bugging Dr. Nunez and getting him to come check on Jeremy. Thanks Jared and Dan for giving Jeremy a blessing. I appreciate the guys that hold the priesthood worthily and are willing to use it even if I call and text and stuff making sure it gets done-not because I don't believe it will but to keep my own mind from worrying about Jeremy. Does anyone else do that?
So, Jeremy will be there for sure for the next 2-3 days for IV antibiotics. He does not need surgery as of now. Once he is discharge and the inflamation calms he will get scoped and checked out for anything else that could be wrong colitis wise.He was hurting and nauseous when I left him. So hopefully he is better. I am finally off to bed. Kenna seems to be doing a little better-so thanks for all of the prayers-they are keeping our heads above water and I appreciate that so very much!!!
Most of all-I want to thank the Lord for moving us to Humble. I know I am speaking from exhaustion, but the lessons I have learned here have changed me so profoundly. He has placed so many angel friends into my life here (and I know he has other places-maybe it was here I finally opened my eyes). Jeremy has found such good friends that a such good people through baseball. I have found the same through soccer. And although I could list them all by name right now-you know who you are. Thank you. You have given me more than I culd ever repay and that is the gift of trust. Someone took it away from me a lonf time ago. Yes, I am stubborn and want to do it myself-but trusting and hoping that friends will never let us down-just had gone wrong one too many times and I had given up. I had my two pillars of friendship from College Station, Bobbi and Natie. But here I have not only "been" a good friend-I've trusted again. It has been wonderful. I am a little derlious right now-but thanks guys-I can't express my gratitude in words to know that I can take care of my spouse and I know my children are taken care of but most of all I know you guys love my kids as your own and treat them as such when I am gone-thank you for such a lesson in Christlike love!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hail Storm

Just thought I woould add that as soon as I finished that last sentence the phone rang and it was Jeremy from the ER telling me they were admitting him for diverticulitis. I just got home (2am) for a nap and am going back at 6:30am to meet with the dr to hopefully get some answers to see if they are just going to treat it with antibiotics or if there will be surgery involved. So I guess the wind and the hail is beating down-thank goodness the Lord has blessed me with such great friends to take care of my kids so I can take care of Jeremy! Thanks! I am blessed!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From One Extreme to the Other

Well today has been an interesting day. I had the most amazing weekend. Jeremy would probably say I packed too much into the weekend, but it was so great to be with such good friends and share such good company and good food. It really made me appreciate the freedoms that we have in this country. I can have basic neccesities in life-running water, electricity, a beautiful home. I have such good friends to share it with. I have loved getting to know Jason and his family better and Adolfo and his family better. They are such wonderful people with such wonderful kiddos. I think as I get older I get a better view of God's love for each of His children. I want to take the time to make sure that they don;t feel alone in this big world when hard trials seem overwhelming.
It was so fun to have Natie come and visit from College Station. She and I have always been soul sisters but I think the deal was sealed this weekend and her mom confirmed it so I now have a sister! :) Hopefully she will be coming back soon for lots more fun and excitement!
But today was a horrible day. I got up at 5am to get Kenna to the hospital for her adnoidectomy and tubes. As I expected she did not wake up well at all. She was crying very loudly and they shooed me out the door 15 minutes later. Told me she was fine. I noticed that her eyes were red below and puffy and she kept coughing, but didn;t think much of it. She wouldn't drink-she just kept crying and was really upset so they sent me on my way. I walked out in the rain carrying Kenna, realized I had dropped my phone, walked back in, walked back out and she cried the entire ride home. We got home and she cried off and on, but kept coughing and sneezing and complaining of pain. So I gave her a breathing treatment, her antibiotic, and her xyzal. she slept for 30 minutes then woke up crying some more.
Then I had to get Kyle to the ortho for his braces. Kelsey Call was sweet enough to take the girls and Kenna would only let my Kelsey hold her while we were gone. Kyle did well and he looks so cute with his braces. He is a trooper and I am so proud of him.
Then when I got home she was really up set and I realized that her cheeks had red streaks as well. I thought red lines that is odd and then when I changed her diaper I thought-latex allergy. When I put her in the bath to lower her temp she had bright red circles as well-so we gave her benadryl. She is finally asleep-who knows for how long-
Jeremy is at the Urgent care facility around the corner-so I don't know what he's going to come home with also.
My day seems to have fit the clouds this morning-when it rains-it downpours!!!!
I am trying to stay positive-but am feeling a little bit grouchy and complaining.....
Most of all why did it take almost 3 hours for Dr. Hoffman's office to call me back? I will never go back with Kenna to KW speciality hospital EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!
OK, that is my complaining pity party-tomorrow will be better. I will get a blood test and find out the level of this allergy and go one from there....thank goodness I have Dr. Shaw's office on speed dial. After tonight I think I need a doctor not just an answering service on speed dial!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well after barely surviving the weekend with a BAD migraine-Dr. Massoud (the best doctor ever!) decided that it was time to try a daily med for my migraines. We'd been talking about it for awhile now-I just wasn't sure if it had gotten to that point. After this weekend-I'd do anything! So I took it at night last night and I couldn't sleep-so I will try these early doses in the morning and if they take away the migraines-I will be soooo excited! It was such a great three months (Feb-May) with not one major migraine! The copay is not bad and the side effects don't seem that bad. The only common one is loss of words during conversations-people described it as feeling stupid-so have patience with me if I can't think of words in the next little while. A pain free head sounds great-whatever the side effects!