Monday, January 16, 2012

Here begins week #3

So my weigh in is tomorrow. I am hoping to still see good movement on the scale but I know at some point I will hit that muscle replacing fat stage....So I am just trying to keep a positive attitude. I know that if I rush it or get discouraged that I will just talk myself into failure. So I am happy to report that I did workout all 6 days last week. I forgot that swimming is harder than it looks! I still wake up every morning with sore body parts! Friday morning I could not move my arm! I am still shocked that I let myself get this out of shape, but I am excited to get back into shape. For me the hardest part is that in between stage of getting in shape and recovery. I want to go out and run and play soccer, basketball, or football with the kids. But my ankle isn't strong enough yet. But I am getting back into real shoes so by appearances  I should be able to do all of those things. Then I look lazy when I say no. But I don't want to spend another 5 months of this year in a cast or boot-so I am being very careful!
However, I must add that having more energy is so nice! I am sure it helps that we are having San Diego weather these days, but if I can beat some of these allergies than maybe I will be back to spending all of my free time outside! :)

It is nice as the kids get older that they have good friends. I am so grateful for good friends! We had some stay the night with us and I really enjoy them. Kyle's best friend, Drew even came to McAllen with us over the break and he and Kyle are good friends! I hope it stays that way all through high school and beyond....
Kelsey had Mia over and they had a lot of fun too. She has a couple of other good friends that they have fun together. It is a sweet experience as a parent to watch your kids grow up and be good kids. They still have some typical teenager traits.
It is hard to believe that in less than a month I will have TWO teenagers!!! Where does the time go? Kyle practiced driving in the neighborhood with Jeremy this weekend. Kyle was sooo excited! I am just dreading that insurance bill in a year!!! LOL
We played some driveway basketball too. Keira was making shots on the 10ft basket and hanging in there with the big kids. Kenna wasn't too sure about the chaos, but she was doing a good job dribbling and loved it when Jeremy lifted her up to dunk it!
So as we enjoy our holiday today, I look forward to another week of good healthy choices! I made some amazing barbacoa as well as a Thai beef noodle soup that were all lite recipes!!
I will post them if anyone wants them....As well as keep posting all of the ones I find that I try that are good!
Happy MLK day! Hope you have a good one!

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