Friday, January 13, 2012

The Land of Diet Cokes and Naps!!!

So, I know that they say being a mom is bliss, but there are days when that alternate universe filled with naps and diet coke with lime sounds pretty heavenly....I really can't complain since my littlest will be 5 in a month  but some days and for a lot of the past 15 years I think I would have loved an extended vacation here. I know I would have gotten bored and not progressed or grown as an adult but being the only child that I am-that peace and quiet sounds nice!
But alas it is time to get ready for some middle school girls basketball, a busy weekend-the last one before soccer starts again...We are back in full swing of the kids at AR as well as working out at home. So I guess you could say-this far off place will have to wait a few more years....kind of like a real far away vacation (LOL)! But I love my kids and enjoy spending time with them. I am loving the gym even though I was soo sore this morning I couldn't lift one of my arms! It is fun to see the progress I am making and I look forward to reaching my goal! So TGIF and have a great weekend!
But if anyone visits this new land-enjoy a diet coke with lime for me...and throw in some chips and salsa too! :)

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Angela said...

I'm really enjoying your renewed blogging. You have some great insights.i And if I lived nearby, I would swing by for a diet coke break anytime!