Sunday, January 1, 2012

And so it begins anew...

So I realized sadly, that I let 2011 slip by with 4 posts....last year at this time Jeremy was still in the hospital very sick and I was not looking forward to the year...I guess I was right-it was a rough year. But I believe that it can only go up from here!
I have my goals and plans for this new year. I realized that these pictures of my kids are way outdated and I need to start posting more.
So, I guess for one I will write more about my crazy, busy, messy life. But most of all I learned one thing this past year....what a true friend is and what it means....
As the year went on a lot of people would make the comment to me-Again? Something is wrong again? And there were just a few who would be at my doorstep, willing to help me get through it all. I treasure these people and the lifesavers that they were for me. I am grateful that God put them in my life to let me know He was helping me.
I am grateful for my little family that is quickly growing up...I only have Kyle for another 4 1/2 years before he leaves home. Yet it seems like just yesterday I was chasing him down the street with him in just a diaper. He is such a wonderful young man. He has such a kind heart. He has good friends and he wants to keep his standards. He is a joker so if you don't know him-you might think he was serious in all that comes out of his mouth. But he is a treasure and a jewel. I will miss him and I plan to spend as much time as he will let me in the next few years.
Kelsey will be 13 in a month and she keeps growing up and up. She brings so much joy and peace into  our house and between her and Kyle I feel so blessed to be called mom. She is all that I ever wanted to be but was not. I love watching her grow into a beautiful confident young woman.
Keira will be 8 this year and be baptized in March. She is starting to come out of her shell and I am excited that she finally wants to take piano lessons. I know that she will love music and I love watching her play basketball. Upward sports are such a great thing! I wish all youth sports were so uplifting and inspiring! She is reading and is a math wiz like her dad!
Kenna will be 5 next month. She has taught me more than I think I ever wanted to know about life! She has grown up so much and is gaining confidence in all that she does. It is so nice to watch her not be afraid of the world like she once was. It has been hard and time consuming and some days I just want to run away...but I know she will succeed in kindergarten in August! I will miss the SPARK program most come the fall because I have been with these wonderful ladies for 3 years now. I can't thank them enough for hanging in there with me and helping Kenna find her social courage.
Jeremy is healthy and working hard at his job. He does have a few late nights but for the most part we could not ask for a better schedule! His boss said she wishes she had 10 Jeremy's so although he doesn't like me to brag on him-I am proud of all that he does in his career, at home to help me, and all of the coaching!! He gave up coaching Kyle's baseball team and is now coaching Keira's basketball team. Hopefully when she plays soccer I will get the chance to coach again also. :)
As for me, I have learned that depending on someone doesn't make you weak. It helps you to get to know people who turn into great friends. I never thought my achilles would rupture and this whole 6-8 month process would be this tough. But I am grateful to Dr. Miller, Lake Houston PT, and my family for helping me get though it all! They have eaten way too many sandwiches and ramen noodles this year! But they never complained! They helped keep the house clean along with help from my friends!! They kept us from getting too behind in laundry! I got to go to Kansas and see my little sister in law and her family! It was a treat for me and I loved the week we were there! I hope to do it again soon! I got to see my brother in law and his family over Christmas after several years and it seemed like no time had  passed (expect that our kids are older now)
I came to realize that even when we get emotionally attached to something-it doesn't mean that our kids are too.
I learned that the stress we put upon ourselves is generally that of our own making. We waste a lot of time and energy on things that are not in our control. But when we take a leap of faith, we are rewarded with windows that are wide open.
Most of all, I am grateful for free agency. I have the power to choose. I know the Lord believes I can make choices that will help me get to where I need to be. I may not be perfect. I may struggle. But I can live my life after the pattern he left me and treat others around me as He would.
So here is to a year of happiness and success. To go back to school, to lose weight, to be in the shape that I want to be, to sing more, to dance more, to laugh more, but most of all to love the life I have and not take one moment for granted....

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