Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Psych 101 According to that Crazy Mom

So I didi take several psych classes in college. You know for my useless degree in anthropology and history. It was fun back then-I only wish I had been a bit more responsible and gotten something useful...
I realized today that there is something truly rewarding about seeing your accomplishments. Not from a recognition standpoint. There was a study done with children that their inner praise held more weight than the outer when they were small. I think this is true for adults as well. It has been hard for me to say-ok-this is my time to go to the gym at a scheduled time every day based on appts and what not-but I have it in my phone and I have been each day. Of course I am walking around like I have been working out for 9 days now also-but that is a whole other post!
I think the lesson I have learned this week is I may not be the prettiest, or the skinniest or the one who can bust a move in the group classes-but I enjoy working out. I always have. Just somewhere along the way-I figured I had to grow up and not spend any of my time there. Now I know that I can spend some time there and still find the euphoria of working out. I am certainly no where close to being how strong I was in my 20's but I have 3 BFL challenges to get back to that or even pass it up! I have a goal that on my birthday I want to try a 20 session speed session at AR like my kids do. It will have been long enough since my achilles repair and I passionately love to run. And for some strange reason I think it would be totally fun-even though I am sure I will be dying!
It was also fun to help Kenna with gymnastics last night. I love spotting little kids and doing things like that. I hope that she continues to let me help her and teach her as she learns more and more tricks. Keira will let me help her too-but she loves her free time to play with her friends and enjoy the outdoors. I get to help a little with coaching her basketball team-so that will be a blast as well.

So the chaos of sports and 4 kids begins again on Tuesday. Part of me can't wait to be crazy busy and doing all of these neat and fun things-but part of me has enjoyed the time off to just get things done and hang out with the family. It is fun to get to see your kids turn into teenagers and watch how they change in some ways and not others. I always learn something new from each one of them.

Now to just figure out the best way to plan Kelsey's 13th birthday party. Then a week later another birthday party for Kenna. I am so excited to have a photography session scheduled with KELSEY CALL photography!! I think they will turn out so cute and give me new pics to hang on my walls! Then this August once Kyle is 15-I am planning a family shoot with Kelsey so that I can get some new family pics with me close to my goal weight up on the wall!

Well, I am off to make dinner...chicken and zucchini pasta....Yum! Bathing Suit season here I come.....

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